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The experience for new players

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Well, it appears I've joined this community in a pretty weird time. And I read a lot of the rants and basically rage quits since 6.0 on this sub already, but I feel like I kinda have to add my own two cents, as maybe a fresh players perspective might have something new to contribute (and as it might help releave some of my anger as well).

So, I picked up WoTC a few days before christmas, I think – and initially really enjoyed it. Since I wasn't used to the pre-6.0 stuff I never felt like I really missed it and during the +/- 1 matchmaking phase and the discounted consumables I had genuine fun in some games. I ground my way through the season (which even with around tier V tanks felt pretty easy, by the way – I'm now on level 210, so I kinda miss the regular rewards for my completed challenges now) and thusly always had plenty of premium time on my hands. This time is now coming to an end, I've got 4 more days of premium left – and I don't think I'll be playing anymore afterwards. And that is because I notice the numbers in the "without premium" column in the battle reports.

Now, as I said, I'm a fairly new player, so I'm only at around tier VIII with one single tank and around tier VI with the others (apart from reward tanks). That means, I have a lot of grinding to do to get some better equipment for these tanks and to work towards the next tier. And now what happens to me in about three to four out of five games is basically this: I join a random +/- 2 match (which for tier VI is +2/-1 of course) with my not yet fully upgraded tier VI tanks, trying to get closer to tier VII, immediately notice that I'm up against mostly tier VIII's (a bunch of Draugens always among them), a few tier VII's and like two other tier VI's. I then try desperately not to die on the spot, keep towards the back of the field and try to still make some kind of impact on the game and – whoops, I get oneshotted by a tier VIII that's yoloing itself around the battlefield because there's not really anyone there to punish him for that. Maybe I got one or three hits in before, but in the end I mostly just make profit because of my remaining premium time. Of course, there are better games as well, and my win ratio isn't below 50 just yet, but I have a heavy feeling that that's not really due to my contribution anymore (whereas in the +/- 1 matchmaking phase it felt a lot more that way).

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And the best feeling is the one I get when in one out of three of those matches I get tracked and the game decides that I don't get to use my repair kit this round, so I die to a situation I would easily have survived had the game functioned as designed (side note – from what I've heard this bug has been known for quite some time – wtf, WG?).

I do realise that this is whining, and that all of you have been going through this or a similar phase to get to where you are right now, but that's not really the point here – the point I'm trying to make is this: I'm most likely going to drop this (originally quite enjoyable) game because now instead of entertaining me it frustrates me. And where I otherwise would even have dropped the odd dollar to maybe get one or another shiny, the more than obvious attempt of trying to make the game only and exclusively enjoyable if I now pay for premium time (and possibly even ammo and consumables, or outright gold for free XP conversion to escape the mid-tier seal clubbing) makes me do the exact opposite – tossing the game aside to never spend another dollar on it.

So, first question – is that what WarGaming is trying to achieve? Because if so, well done, terrible marketing, hopefully you'll go bancrupt.

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Second question (and I guess that should kind of have been the first question, but I'm too angry for that): Am I the only one with this mindset? Am I just a noob who needs to git gud in the end and doesn't "deserve" the game anyway?

Phew, that felt good. Gonna go to bed now and would honestly love to read some of your opinions in the morning – I hope I managed not to offend anyone (except for maybe WG themselves) with this rant and would be really interested in knowing if there's other fresh players out there who feel the same or completely different (and why) as well as in the more experienced player's opinions on this.

At the very least I have to say this: Thanks to this sub's community for answering my questions so far – you really seem like a nice bunch of people.

Good night and happy tanking!


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