World of Tanks (WoT)

The game is in a really bad place

There are so many bad players at tier 10 and 9. Many base campers and heavies who don't go to fight the opponent heavies which leads to inevitable defeats. Light tanks who don't spot or just die immediately and TDs who don't go to positions where they can shoot anything until everyone else is dead. It didn't used to be as bad but wargaming is fast tracking everyone to tier 10 with x5s and blueprints.

There are ebr that make light tank and most other tank play really unenjoyable, when light tanks are already underpowered. The ebr can turn and drive way too fast and has way too accurate and powerful gun. Especially the HE. It wrecks and it sets on fire other light tanks. If you are playing a tank with innacurate gun and long reload good luck hitting it, ebr will just drive around you in circles making you look stupid

Artillery is usually 3 or 2 in every tier 10 game with the stun that is unbearable

Wargaming really needs to fix these issues. I can't be the only one that is losing patience?! I am playing a fraction of the amount of hours I used to and I haven't spent any money this year. I want to like the game but wargaming are making it hard these days.

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I would be for some kind of ranked by ability matchmaking or wargaming needs to provide a proper tutorial for people to actually understand the role of their tank and what to do or more specifically what not to do

I know ebr is supposedly getting nerfed but will it be enough?! I think cars shouldn't be in a tank game, and artillery's stun is such a bad idea. Make it so people don't have to do arty missions for reward tanks, that will massively reduce arty. I have 260 and 279e and I am not going to be annoyed that people no longer have to do arty missions for them


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