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The KpfPz 70, one of a kind.

The KpfPz 70 is in the shop, not quite at a cheap price, but if you are considering spending your hard earned money on it I will try to give you some information so that you can hopefully decide if it's a tank for you.


The KpfPz 70 is a support heavy tank. Its total lack of DPM (3rd worse for a tier IX heavy) and poor rate of fire don't allow you to play frontlines, but your alpha (highest for a tier IX heavy) is great for supporting your teammates from the 2nd line, preventing enemies from rushing them as your gun will scare them away.

The tank's armour is another reason why you don't want to be frontline in this thing. The hull is penetrable by any decent tier IX player on any tank, and most tier VIII tanks can pen it as well. The turret is strong but it has a weak cupola and there is a small weakspot in the cheeks which good heavy players can pen, so you will be strong hulldown, but you have to know your limitations.

Your lack of gun depression at 6º is also important to keep you from going frontline in ridges like you would in a T30 or M103 and having to overexpose your tank.

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Other considerations are mobility, which is better than a lot of heavies, but not amazing, and finally gun handling, which statistically is average and feels decent from my experience. Watch out for meds attempting circle of death since they can be a pain in the ass.

As far as more specific playstyles, brawling in this tank is a terrible idea due to the lack of dpm and not so great armour, and sniping is out of the question as well. Peek-a-boo should be your go-to option, very much in accordance with the tank's supportive playstyle.


In terms of the winrate comparisons it's hard to judge if the KpfPz 70 is in a good place, since only 2 premium heavy tanks exist in tier IX and tech tree tanks tend to have lower winrates. Compared to the K-91, the Kpf performs significantly worse at around 1.2% less, but it's still the 3rd tank with the most win% after the Emil II.


The KpfPz 70 has a 140% credit coefficient, which is the best you'll find in tier IX to earn credits (The 1er Prot has a 141% but you get the point), so if you like tier IX this tank is a good one to grind.

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All tech tree tanks at tier IX have a 90% or lower coefficient, so you won't earn much in them, if you were wondering.


The KpfPz 70 is a good tank in my opinion. It's not the most fun tank to run from my experience due to its passive playstyle, but it gets the job done in most scenarios, it earns good credits, and it can be a beast if you are a team player.

I wouldn't suggest buying it if you can't be patient and wait for your opportunity to shine, and instead you like being aggressive and borderline yoloing. On the other hand, if you have a platoon mate you enjoy playing with, this tank supporting a frontline heavy can be a real nightmare for the enemy team, so I strongly recommend it.


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