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The “new” communication ping system is a huge downgrade with a few new features.

Content of the article: "The “new” communication ping system is a huge downgrade with a few new features."

This new system is very frustrating to use the cooldown limits you not only to 3 commands or pings every 5 seconds BUT it also fails when you try to do commands in fast subsection:

  • Follow me!

  • help! (0.5 half a second cooldown your command fails)

  • Requisting fire!

  • help! (command made at a nearby team mate. had to be redone because it failed the first time.)

Team mate then does NOT pay attention or agree with you BUT he presses the button to make the notification go away.

  • I will help you! (context sensitive positive message)

you are now given the false sense that he is gonna help you push, you push alone and die he baits you.

There is no negative or affirmative command so people are inclined to just press the reply button to make the notification go away and they can't say Negative! and he won't just ignore you since he wants the notification to go away. (before you could tell people were not going to help you push if they replied nothing but people just want the stupid notification gone)

Everything has to be positive with the new "improved" system people cannot say yes or no since the automated reply button does it for them.

People do not care about saying yes or no they just want the annoying beep and notification to go away.

The 3 commands per 5 seconds of cool down really kills peoples interest in using the new commands AND if you are a caller for game modes like Skirmishes/Strongholds tournaments and Clanwars the new system really limits ones ability to call out

Also before ONE had to aim at the team mates tank to do a team specific command now you can't do that you have to aim at the little circle above their head and because these circles overlap with each other either team mates or enemy ones or the flags the system will bug out and it will spew out different erroneous commands.

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Not to mention that if you ask for help and someone uses the context sensitive key to auto reply IF you attempt to open the command wheel again to tell your team mate to fall back you will be forced to say "Thank you!" and wait 1 minute before you can have the normal command wheel back to finally be able to tell them to fall back.

Yes the only thing you can do is say Thank you because the context sensitive wheel demands for you to be nice before actually telling people something important.

(This is ignoring the fact that old commands that did stay swapped places making it harder to get used to the amount of times I have yelled THANK YOU to team mates after they poke a corner and get farmed is allot)

The new "attention to area" pint point accurate markers are nice, HOWEVER I cannot mark the same area or near the same area as my own markers or team mate markers because the following happens:

I or a team mate marks an area then either I or my team mate try to mark that area to try and adjust the marker or even just re ping the area. I then ping an area near it and I yell "Affirmative!" to my self and then are locked out from trying to send the message I wanted for 5 seconds. 

This makes it really frustrating to use this system not only that but it does not mark the particular square I wanted to announce so my team mates will often miss the info I am trying to tell them because of tunnel vission and lack of information.

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The markers disappear to quickly and do not announce what square I pinged so most players do not care because they can't all be looking at the area I mark.

SPG players do not and have never cared about countering SPG and despite me trying and asking them and even manually typing out the coordinate and even leaving a permanent green marker they do not care so all this precision is a useless feature.

The functionality of the previous command wheel was more useful than what they released not too long ago and the cooldowns are completely un necessary.

People claim that the cool downs were necessary to avoid "ping spammers" and if we are being honest not only are all these restrictions affect players who used to interact with the communication system as it was supposed to be used BUT

Map ping spammers and ragers can still basically spend the whole game spamming the commands at people they are mad at all game despite the cool downs they still SPAM!

Having one idiot who would ping spam could easily be solved by using the Mutebutton™ and or reporting them or making a ticket to report them for spam.

out of 20 games if not more games only 1 of those games would have a salty ping spammer and that was not even that bad since again Mutebutton™

The cooldowns affect normal players more than they ever did spammers because now No one bothers to use the system past the first/second time they try to chain some important commands and get frustrated because a cooldown messed up the message or because they are put into a situation where they cant say "Negative!" and can only agree with people or say "thank you!"

WarGaming devs, get rid of these god awful cooldowns and get rid of the auto context sensitive commands and let us say no!, Bring back the Affirmative! and Negative! commands, remove the awful command stacking issues by letting us target a team mates/enemy tank instead of the icon above their head that has huge overlapping hit boxes AND remove the stupid useless "affirmative!" auto context reply on the Attention to location! markers. (maybe include what coordinate square the marker is too)

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I can't be the only one who hates how unreliable and downgraded new command system is & while they said that they are gonna remove the cooldowns from competitive modes I really want them gone from Random battles/ANY modes aswell.


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