World of Tanks (WoT)

The post of posts. News, useful info, topical posts etc. linked here.

Content of the article: "The post of posts. News, useful info, topical posts etc. linked here."

Note: Blitz EU Cup stream is about to start. Link to details is below.

What's this? An attempt at both reducing spammy repeat posts and sharing useful info from the subreddit and beyond. I will try to keep this post updated with relevant info and posts. Got a suggestion for something to add? Leave a comment.

Is xyz offer worth it? Simple two-step process.

  1. No point in buying a tank you'll never drive, so learn about it beforehand. Watch YouTube gameplay and reviews of the tank and make a call. Do I actually want this?
  2. Is it a good deal? By all means check out the community opinion, but definitely check with the expert, Stubbo66.

Who is Stubbo and what is Blitz Economics? If you don't know, Stubbo66 from the EU forum is probably Blitz's foremost expert on store offers. He's got all the historical data to tell you whether a particular deal is a steal or a complete ripoff. A must-read.

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  • Black Friday info:
  • Mystery boxes:
  • EU Tournament stream continues on Saturday the 21st. Get your keys!
    • See here for regional times, links, etc.
  • Synx's autoloader guide.
    • I suck in autoloaders. Not exactly topical, but Synx suggested I read his guide and it is indeed really good. With Emil's galore, the Lorraine on sale, and the TVP coming next year, I think it's well worth a look for anyone interested in brushing up on their autoloader skills. It's written for the French heavies but the principles adapt to other tanks. Scroll down about halfway for the relevant section.
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