World of Tanks (WoT)

The tracks of the T95 “Doom Turtle”

I'm by no means a top tier player, I rarely have premium time or consumables active, and while not f2p I spend considerably less money then some of the folk I play with.

But, this has been thumbing around in my head for a while. Why can the T95 be frontally hit in the tracks and still take damage. It has semi consistently happened to me in almost every game I play in the tank; pair that with a lower plate which, in my opinion, should match the rest of the tank frontally really goes against the concept of a heavily armored TD.

Now I'm a firm believer all tanks SHOULD have a weak spot of some kind which can be hit and semi reliably penned by on tier ammunition should you be able to see it. However, the track armor on the front of the T95 can be penned by tier 3 tanks, even some tier 2 tanks. The mighty doom turtle already has the worst base mobility of any tank its tier so it's ripe for anything with a working engine and a turret. Anything higher than it can just load gold and make it's only bonus aside from the gun irrelevant. So why in the world can the thing which is meant to have high frontal armor and a big gun be penned and damaged by tier 2 tanks.

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I'm not remotely sure how it could be fixed or tweaked to ensure it doesn't happen, I'm not a game designer by any means. I'd just rather be able to only have to worry about the russian heavies and mediums speeding around a corner at top speed and cupola sniping me instead of accidentally nailing my tracks and immobilizing and damaging me at the same time.


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