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The urgent matter of making the playerbase less toxic.

Content of the article: "The urgent matter of making the playerbase less toxic."

I can't express how frustrated I am with seeing the words "nubs", "bots", "morons", and other just tons of senseless insults being thrown around in chat. I honestly would've mutted chat but sometimes call outs can be important in the chat.

Either way, I sometimes wish I had the ban hammer for life for people who even use one of the words I previously mention or get salty so fast in random. Granted I know most of them may be 12 year olds who don't know what's better, but still. Here's why.

I understand that some player decisions can be annoying. Heavies trying to snipe throughout the match, poor decision making, the whole team camping for no reason. I know it's frustrating but the round is happening in random, and there's bound to be everything from horrible to great team matchups out there. I believe that the random mode is just for you to have fun, not for being super serious WOT tactics. The people who yell out in the chat about how horrible their team is and to uninstall the game should probably uninstall it themselves, or perhaps just play in ranked instead if they want to be so competitive.

I understand toxicity in this playerbase will always exist but it's at an explosive amount rn that needs to be fixed. We need to be wise and treat others in random with respect, even if they are making horrible decisions because in the end this is just a game. It's not worth being mad over and start calling out people (and in my personal opinion spending money to get premium tanks isn't worth it either), we should instead play random matches for fun and doing your best.

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Know that each person you yell at is a human being behind that screen who may just want to relax from something terrible, and yelling at them may lead to extreme mental degression and possibly lead to something worse.

Please be curious everyone, and be respectful. Try to hold back your anger with players who just aren't playing well or even being stupid, because that is the random mode and isn't meant to be competitive. Everyone wants to enjoy this game and complete the awesome missions and events it has, and occasionally say good luck or have fun to everyone, makes things a bit better.

As for those of you who lose your anger and yell insults around all match, I won't hesitate on reporting you. Idc if I run out of the daily amount I can do, if I see any of the words "nub", "bot", "moron" I am reporting. You need to be more respectful of others and perhaps play ranked if you want to have people who are serious about the game instead of telling at those in the random mode.


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