World of Tanks (WoT)

The worst parts of this game

Content of the article: "The worst parts of this game"

(But muh gift horse, durr.)

Being unable to send hate mail to playstation arty players. It was cathartic to get com banned for a day just to say really nasty things to Xbox arty.

Your team has half a brain cell. They ignore high traffic flanks. Camp in the base as top tier tanks. Maybe a green gets in your way while you're desperate to get to a position.

Desperately pinging sos while your whole team lemming trains down one flank…

People that drive in front of an aiming friendly TD.

The machine is too fast.

Flanks that are held by two or three guys while your team plays a different game or something.

Being one shot by arty while in slow moving heavy armored vehicles. Bruh.


4 of the same premium hot wheels light tanks. Thanks, I guess. Dunno which one I like best. Maybe it's the two I didn't get for free. The ugliest ones. I'm missing out. What will I ever do with my other two tanks. They're just not the same…

Arty events. Thanks for the three arty per game. Feels good. Can't wait for the next one! The Devs know exactly what we want.

Grinding shitty tanks.

Fully aimed shots go into the shadow realm or some shit.

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Gold value boosters in war chests and other garbage.

WG gives us carrots, but it's on the end of a stick.

Free tier ten tanks.

Physics abuse.

Everything is absurdly expensive.

Tiers 1-5 being absolute cancer. Such a good way to get rid of new players. None of my friends will touch the game because of this.

Stop giving me 60,000 silver for completing ops or whatever. I don't want it. I'm not a good little slave. Give me fat meat. Put an extra zero behind that. (The weekly challenges did this. Gold this week! Sign me the fuck up. I'll buy a sexton and make the game even worse.)

The game is designed to be as frustrating as possible to incentivize gold spending on silver and xp.

Unnecessary nerfs to vehicles. Why?

Did they quit trying to balance a couple tanks per month? Must have run out of money. Better buy another premium tank.


Wow. I feel better. I'll play some more games now and maybe spend all my money on gold and war chests.


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