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Their Time to Nine! (90k Contest Winners!)

Content of the article: "Their Time to Nine! (90k Contest Winners!)"

The time has come to crown the winners! There were many great entries, but only 9 can be the champion. So, without further fanfare, the victors:

Place Contest 1 Contest 2 Contest 3
First u/Mountecroux AKA darkdust with a 13 Nine LTG game u/TheRedBully AKA DaRedBully with a post-modern surrealist depiction of the suffering of man u/spen15 with a throwback to a simpler time
Second u/Darthpepper22 with (get your pitchforks ready) a 13 Nine SU-14-2 game u/Bubbadevlin with a post that definitely doesn't look at all like anything submitted in the 70k contest u/Maximum_Breakfast with the Hot Tog (Side note: This post had a meteoric rise, despite being submitted 3 days after the winner, it almost managed to take first!)
Third u/tonda87 with a 12 Nine game, but Tonda is EU, and so will be awarded a unique flair. — The third place NA submissions was u/Send_To_Gulag's 11 Nine game which will be awarded the 3rd place tank prize. /u/karczekwieprzowy AKA I SERVE THE REDDITOR UNION I NEED NO REWARDS with a more minimalist approach Sadly, as karczek is from EU, he will also be awarded a special flair, and the tank prize will be awarded to the next NA runner up u/elshender and his submission u/darthpepper22 with a Mausterful display

Reminder: Reddit fudges the displayed upvote numbers (something about limiting vote manipulation), so a lower post may look like it has more upvotes, but when sorting by "top" the true ranking is displayed. Additionally, upvotes may have changed since writing this, so if you're ranking is different, that is why.

Note to winners: please PM me with you prize selection.

Honorable Mentions

There's no criteria here. I just liked them
-u/transford's Excel-ent scorecard
-u/Uberrandomness's "Blind shot" scorecard
-u/Prince_Polaris and the first recorded image of backup in world of tanks
u/Canteen_CA's out of this world submission

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Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you had as much fun making them as I did reading them. I look forward to seeing you for something big for 100k! (Should probably be there around October if I don't accidentally run the sub into the ground first). I'm looking forward to some of the changes we hope to implement before we hit that mark and hope you are too.

P.S. It's the start of campaign, so I might not get the unique flair done until after it's over.


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