World of Tanks (WoT)

This game is in such a bad state

I go into some depths with my rant so I’ll save you some time if you don’t want to read it…

Summarised Short rant: Game was good now it’s bad.

In-Depth long rant: For the last couple of months I haven’t been bothered to grind any tech trees and I’ve just been playing my premiums and tier 10’s I already had but as of recently I decided to try and grind for the Foch 155 and only then I fully realised what a shitshow this game has become since I was out of the tank grinding loop for a while. I’m mainly gonna be talking about the French TD line in this rant but this situation applies to nearly all tech tree grinds that I’m sure you’re having the same problems with. So today I managed to research and buy the French tier 8 TD which I was initially excited about because nothing can be worse than the god awful tier 7 AMX AC 46. The excitement quickly dissipated when I saw that I needed to earn 50k exp just to get the gun I had back on the tier 7 tank. This wasn’t much of a surprise since it would’ve costed the same amount, If not more back when we had the package system and we’ll probably never get shared modules like PC so I got stuck into it playing a couple battles with xp boosters activated and that’s were everything went downhill. Majority of the games were tier 10 games I would quickly die if I didn’t camp back or have to fire premium to be somewhat competitive and lose 30-40k credits each game with a premium account and the seasonal credit boost. On the other hand, top tier, tier 8 games were filled with premiums comparatively better than their tech tree counterparts. This isn’t really a rant about better premiums since they’ve always been like that and it’s their main selling point but rather the amounts of premiums in games. Going back a couple years ago when this game was thriving, grinding tanks was still a pain but bearable due to more people also playing in their tech tree tanks and far less +2 games with the bigger player-base and lots of people spread out across all tiers. Another positive back then was the reduced power creep… I still remember when tanks like the KV5 and motherland were fearsome. I’m going a little off track here but my point is that WOT is a game where you’ve gotta put tons of hours in order to progress unlike most other games and this partnered with bad decisions made by WG in recent years has lead to the games downfall and decrease in popularity . Like most of us, WG has also noticed this so they’ve been recently giving out free tier 8-10 premiums left, right and centre which is great for the short-term but ultimately helps kill the game in the long-run. Free good premium tanks are a great way to retain current players, bring back past vets and maybe even act as incentive for newbies to stick around but it screws up the MM making it harder to enjoy grinding normal ‘F2P’ tanks and will act as a even bigger deterrent for progressing through the tiers and game.

Ive been playing since early 2014 and will probably stick around no matter how much they continue to kill the game but it’s currently in one of the worst states I’ve ever seen it only second to when 6.0 first launched.

What I’ve mentioned is probably known by everyone but I felt that I needed to get it off my chest so I want to thank you if you’ve made it this far and I apologise for any inconveniences caused from my long-winded rant.



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