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Tier 7 struggle

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Hello everyone, i have a problem/challenge.

I'm a pretty new player I have like 2100 battles fought right now and I"m doing ok. 53.91% winrate and a 5190 personal rating. I don't use mods or wn8 but wotinfo says 1351 wn8. (No clue what it means it says good) but well like I said I'm doing ok.

When I started this game I wanted all the German tanks. And I loved it playing different tanks and the versatility it brought. Until i hit tier 7.

I started witht the arty. Well it's what it is. Position yourself and click. Fought 80 battles in the GW Panther. 1st mastery class but 45% winrate. I got bored of it and tried the 2 TD lines. both 1st mastery class but 47% winrate on the St Emil and 46% on the Jpanther. I like the panther more since the Emil is slower than my Grandma her scootmobile. I got bored of them too amd started to play the Tiger(P). Most horrible tank I've played with. Only 22 battles got the 1st mastery badge but a shocking 27% winrate. I thought time to switch to another nation

I didn't know what suits me and a random number generator decided i go for the Czech line and the Chinese TD line. And i loved them… until tier 7.

Just played 43 battles in the t34/100 with 58% winrate and 26 battles with the t34g2ft with 54% winrate. Its not much but i dont know it seems i get bored with them already. I loved the skoda t25 witb the autoloader though.

Does anyone else face the same problems of losing fun with a tank? I see people play 100s or thousands of battles with the same tank which i cant understand where the fun of that is. Besides the MM seems the be really fucked up at tier 7. I play most matches in a tier 9 game aswell. Where i even cant pen most tanks with gold rounds. And sometimes even be forced to spot with a td because damage dealing is a real struggle.

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Maybe its also a lack of experience from my side but i hope someone can help me to see it different or maybe have some other tips amd tricks


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