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Tier list: Ranking every tier 8 premium (How premium tanks should be ranked)

So, Droodles put out

video today, ranking all the tier 8 prems in the game by how strong they are. Frankly speaking, he's setting up the categories wrong and giving people an impression that some tanks are a lot less worth it than they really are.

The categories that Droodles chose are extremely vague. "Needs nerf" is fine, but everything else under it becomes a blur: Some of the super strong tanks are pretty average, some of the above average tanks are super strong, and the entirety of the "average" and "workable" categories literally are the same.

Another thing is that Droodles is writing this tier list from a strictly competitive point of view. But people don't buy premiums strictly because they are competitive, they buy them to have a fun time while grinding credits, and many premiums on the bottom of Droodles list are actually really fun to play and have a nice time in.

And that brings me to my own tier list.

Less categories means more precise information, instead of vague charts with too many similar levels. Tanks are basically divided into three categories: The "Great" tanks at the top two, the "average" tanks at the middle two tiers, and the "waste of money" tanks at the bottom. Anything from the top three tiers are considered worth the money (outside of crates, of course) and anything from the bottom two tiers are only worth it if they are in bundles with other tanks, highly discounted, or for free. That's it, simple system.

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And notice that the "waste of money" chart actually includes many tanks that Droodles puts in the "average" section of his chart. That's because even though the tank itself may be OK, there are either better options or better tech tree counterparts than that. Tanks like the Mutz and the STG and the T-44-100 may be OK in terms of competitiveness, but their straight up "copy-paste" nature makes them near-worthless in terms of fun. Waste of Money tanks are not bad, just redundant and not necessary. (For example, T95E2 is straight up outclassed by 59 Patton, Panther 8.8 by the Panther II, etc. even though they might be somewhat competitive)

The biggest difference between the charts is the mid tiers. Below the meta tier 8 premiums, all the other premiums are considered AVERAGE. So the only reason for you to buy these average tier 8 premiums is because they are UNIQUE. Whether it's looks, special mechanics (autoloaders), or just a twist in the tank that is seen nowhere else, it makes certain average-performing tanks worth buying, such as the T-2020, Lorraine 40T, or ISU-130.

As for the rest, pretty easy to figure out. Must Buy tanks are basically tier 8.5, the Great tanks are competitive enough to deal with everything they face.

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