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Tips for 3-marking WZ-111 1-4

Content of the article: "Tips for 3-marking WZ-111 1-4"

I have never 3-marked a tank before and haven't honestly really cared either but now when I'm grinding towards the Chinese tier X heavies I managed to 2-mark the WZ-111 1-4 after just 155 battles, being only the second tank I 2-mark. Therefore I decided to try and 3-mark it as well since I still need 200k+ xp to make it an elite.

I found a website with approximate damage values for MoE and saw that I needed to average approximately 3,2k combined. I set myself the goal of averageing 3,5k and it went really smooth. I was quite quickly up over 88% but then everything went south. Now almost every battle I play with it I end up either fighting against really skilled 4-man tier X plutoons or fighting in teams that don't even seem to know how to fire the gun. So my damage standing have now dropped down below 85% again which I find really frustrating because I have now become obsessed with the thought of 3-marking this tank.

So what I want to say with this long text is that I now need tips and tricks for how to 3-mark the WZ-111 1-4. Is there a certain tactic that's better to play than others? Do I have to be able to carry the entire team in some battles to manage to 3-mark?

I usually play quite offensive and on most maps I have spots that I know work good for me but sometimes I end up all alone and then I have no chance of getting 3,5k dmg when 5 tier X enemies attack me.

My loadout consists of 25 AP and 15 HEAT and I usually load the gold rounds when the enemies I'm fighting against have a large advantage. For example when I'm outnumbered or if the enemy is a highly armoured tank.

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Consumables I use is two small repair kits and one small first aid kit. Modules do often get damaged (especially the ammo rack) and crew members get killes so I'm not really keen on swapping but maybe I should use some food to get the better stats.

The equipments I use is gun rammer, vertical stabilizer and coated optics. This seem to work well for me but you might have a suggestion for a better setup.

I'm happy for all the tips I can get. As I said I have become quite obsessed with this. My initial goal was to do it before I unlocked the 113 (got the 5a a couple of days ago)

Thanks in advance


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