World of Tanks (WoT)

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Welcome tankers! Today I will tell you about the five different kinds of vehicles that all contribute to make this clusterfu…. GAME great! Let's begin! to start off while playing world of tanks you will encounter five different kinds of 100 percent historically legitimate tanks. These tanks are heavy tanks, medium tanks, gay tanks …LIGHT TANKS, my bad, tank destroyers, and artillery. I will give you a brief rundown on how people play each class and tips for new players to thrive in battle. HEAVY TANKS- heavy tanks are the fist of the team, they are always up in the fray, more exposed than Desmond doss, they are always reliable to have your side in a rough situation. IN NO SITUATION EVER will a heavy tank, preferably a FULL HEALTH SUPER CONQ be sitting 400 feet from the front Poppin shots at enemies like they're Lee Harvey oswald. HEAVY TANKS ARE GREAT WORTHY ALLIES TO HAVE, AS THEY WILL NEVER SAY… LEAVE YOU ALONE TO HOLD THE ENTIRE LEFT FLANK AS THEY LEMMINGTRAIN TO THE FUCKIN FIELDS IN HIGHWAY………….. MEDIUM TANKS- as sun tzu once said "mediums make or break the match" this is 100 percent true just as this list is. Medium players are the man to have your back, they will always follow and support you from a distance, never getting they're fat ugly turret in your jgp e100s line of fire just as you shoot, and in you event you accidently bump them, they will very politely message you saying how to avoid making the same mistake in the future so both players can have the same ultimate pain……fun experience…… LIGHT TANKS- I tell ya, there's nothing better than waking up on a Tuesday morning , logging into wotc and being teamed with a bunch of tanks who definitely don't charge out of home(the spawn) faster then your dad when he saw your mom's positive test, and definitely don't die faster then a Ethiopian kid when he shows uncle Muhammed the tattered dollar sheckle he found rummaging thru the trash outside the local warlords brothel…. I Tell ya man, light tank players are hands down the best, most trustworthy players out there. TANK DESTROYERS- take this scenario, your on himmelsdorf, you go to the tracks, when suddenly, BAM. An enemy appears, from the tanks alone you can see that your doomed, when out of nowhere, the fucker loses half his health, NOW youve practically won, after you go full Ted Bundy on the enemy you turn to see who the friend was who helped you, YOU KNOW ITS A TD, DEFINATLY NOT THAT SUPER CONQ FROM EARLIER, BECAUSE HE SURELY WENT TO FIGHT ON THE HILL OR THE TOWN, WHILE YOUR TDS ARE IN They're LITTLE CUBBY HOLES BLASTING THE FUCK OUT OF THE ENEMY AND DEFINATLY NOT PLAYING LONE SURVIVOR Behind ENEMY LINES ONLY TO GET BESTED BY A FUCKIN BOTTEN TIER LIGHT CAUSE THEY DROVE OFF ALONE LIKE YOU AFTER YOU GF BROKE UP WITH YOU! ARTY- this is a no brainer. to start of I just want to say that arty help the community grow and everyone loves them, this is the class you play to make friends, especially with the T-92 and conq GC, play these tanks if you want to be loved and adored. Also I recommend loading only gold ammo, as this really helps spread the love.


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