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toxic players are worse than bots.

before I begin, I want to apologize in advance for the long post and my bad English. but I hope that this unusual post will still make it's way to the subreddit, because it's an issue that many people still look down upon.

I started playing world of tanks blitz about a year ago, and I find the game to be really fun. I loved the gameplay mechanics, and while I do think that there are some problems with the game (like overpowered premium tanks), I'm still having a lot of fun.

but there is one thing that always bothered me and still is: the toxic players. there are so many of them, and today I encountered them so often that I actually considered stopping playing. I do know what it's like to lose a lot of games in a row and do top damage in all of them, but it absolutely doesn't justify telling people to commit suicide, and that they're humanity's waste. specifically speaking, there's a person that's been very toxic towards me since one bad game, and about every month he would come back to insult me for my winrate dropping and whatnot.

I know I can block him, but the things that he's saying could hurt other people a lot more than they hurt me, so I'd rather just have him take out his anger on me. today, he told me to suck my gay father's dick, even if he's dead. and do you know why he did? because my 30 day winrate dropped to 47%.

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I find that to be beyond toxic, it's monstrous at this point. even if my father was dead, this person wouldn't have cared. he's that toxic, and it's just because of a video game (not to mention, that it's not even because I played bad in a match that he was in or anything). there are too many good players who are being rude and cocky, and also impatient towards new players.

just so you know, when you insult a 40%er it really doesn't help with anything. believe it or not, but even that camping is8 or that rushing grille wanted to win, just like you. of course, they failed at doing so horribly, but messaging them about it is really not going to help. if you see a person like that, try telling him what he did wrong, and how he can do better on the next game.

just imagine what it's like to play really bad and then also getting insults like that. you're already sad because of the game that you had, knowing that you didn't do anything, but noooo, it's not enough. someone with 50k battles and 60% winrate just has to insult your mom and tell you to kys. because that's definitely going to prepare you for the next battle, and make you better at the game in general.

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I also get annoyed sometimes at bad teammates, but please, try to hold back your anger and tell them how to improve, and if you can't help but insult them definitely never get even close to telling them to kill themselves. words can hurt more than you think. for me, it's not the insults themselves that made me consider quitting, it's the sheer amount of times I got them that did, but even silly mom jokes can hurt some people.

lastly, I wanted to add that wargaming needs to implement a better system to reduce this kind of behavior. after battle reports rarely do anything, and while blocking is nice, they need to add an option to report players for being toxic in private messages. right now, their website says that since update 6.7 they added the option to only receive message from friends which is enabled by default, and so accordingly, they stopped processing tickets that report violations in private messages. while it does probably help significantly, in my opinion it's not enough. these toxic people would usually send you a friend request anyways, so it's still an issue.


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