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True Vision – who is hurt the most?

Content of the article: "True Vision – who is hurt the most?"

I am wondering, wich tanks will be hurt the most from the true vision mechanics and wich tanks will profit the most. Here are my thoughts.

Light Tanks:


– Lights depend on not being spotted while being able to spot, both of wich is less relevant with True Vision. So one of their core mechanics, being able to accumulate spotting damage might be reduced.

– True Vision enables firefights at very long range. Lights are bad at long range, due to dispersion and penetration.


– Lights are fast and hitting a moving tank becomes more difficult, the further away it is.

– Lights are small. Hitting a small tank becomes more difficult, the further away it is.

– Maybe running into ambushes is less likely?

– Lights can still fire from afar while presenting a small target.

Conclusion: Lights are hurt badly in my opinion, but there might be some redeeming features.



– Meds often have week hulls and can be quite large targets.

– Meds have an advantage im cammo over heavies, that is now taken away.


– Some Meds can snipe well and are well suited to use ridges. Now they don't need a spotter.

– Meds are still rather agile and thus might present a slippery target at longer ranges.

Conclusion: Im my opinion for medium tanks it is neither here nor there. A Centurion can snipe away, while being well protected, while a T34-88 will maybe suffer a fair bit.

Heavy Tanks:


– Heavys are big and ugly and thus stick out from afar.

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– Heavys are slow and thus present an easy target.

– Some Heavys have bad dispersion, thus making long range firefights difficult.


– Heavys have armor, being shot at is their job. Also, shells lose penetration over distance, further aiding their protection.

– Heavys have lowish view range, this is not so much of a problem anymore.

Conclusion: If terrain is used to cover the approach, not much should change for Heavies. They can also see better. True Vision can help Heavies.

Tank Destroyer:


– Those who rely on camo rather than armor to survive are screwed.

– While sitting in the bush is still possible, one of the biggest assets of TDs is gone.

– Some TDs have bad gun depression and sit on top of hills, relying on their camo (Waffenträger, I'm looking at you.) This is no longer possible.


– TDs have good guns, long range firefights are perfect for them.

– Some TDs have bad view range, no longer an issue.

– Some TDs have good armor, they fall in the same camp as heavy tanks.

– Some TDs can be hidden well, but have for balancing reasons bad camo values.

Conclusion: stealthy, low armor TDs are screwed, well armored TDs will thrive.


I haven't played artillery in the last event so I don't know, but if artillery can see everything, this event will hurt like hell.

What are your thoughts?


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