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Tusk – Is it worth the grind?

Link on Tankopedia: Tusk

What is it made of?

  • Hull/Chassis/Tracks: Tier 10 – AMX 13 105 (from T10 French AMX 13 105)
  • Cannon: Tier 10 – 152 mm Gun-Launcher XM81 (conventional) – 85/910 HE (from T9/T10 US T49/Sheridan)
  • Turret: Tier 10 – AR/AAV XM551 Sheridan – 420m View Range / 43 degree traverse (from T9/T10 US T49/Sheridan)
  • Engine: Tier 10 – Sofam 8 Gxb – 600 horsepower (from T10 French AMX 13 105)
  • Radio: Tier 10 – AN/VRC-12 – 750m (from T10 US Sheridan)
  • Crew: Comes with the Mad Wasp crew, which has the Clutch Braking and Paratrooper Training skills.
  • Spaced Armor/Special Features
    • Strange grey with rust coloration with "06" in running spray paint on the turret and TUSK in blocky letters on the front corners
    • No spaced armor (already turns slow, would have been worse with stuff tacked on)
    • This tank is a hybrid of French chassis and US turret/cannon on light tanks. It is.. interesting.


  • Great cannon for memes
  • Cannon stats are similar but better than the 152 on the Sherry (which I do not run)
  • Great at hand braking thanks to the French chassis (and you better get decent at it)


  • Like most French lights, the higher the tier, the bigger the turning circle. Hand braking is a must
  • Usual drawback of the 152. Long reload, crap gun handling
  • Turns even slower than expected thanks to chunkier turret/cannon than this chassis was designed for
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What makes it special

  • This tank drives like a real hybrid of two tanks instead of a Frankenstein design
  • Meme cannon on a nimble frame if you like hand braking
  • You are the epitome of the anti-light light tank. Load up your HE then head straight for the enemy red lights to cripple/kill them early. Then you can be the annoying light just like a T49 or Sherry with the derp

Who will really enjoy it?

Anyone who enjoys the 152 mm derp from the T49 and Sheridan will like this tank. If you don't like this cannon, prepare to be depressed if you unlock this.


This tank is not worth the grind for some people. Be wary of that. This tank has a VERY small list of eligible TT lines to grind, so you'll be playing the same tanks every single day. It gets boring. If you don't like the 152 mm, you'll unlock this then rarely use it. I have never been a fan, but I'm trying to get better with it. It works great for LOLZ on occasion but feels like a waste most of the rest of the time. I'm sure some people are amazing with this tank, but as a Sherry driver who loves the 105 mm, I wish this tank had the option to switch out also. On the bright side, lighting up the rear of US and British heavies is fun!

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Total rewards from stages

  • 3659200 silver, 9 days of premium
  • 2X XP Boost – 7, 3X XP Boost – 7, 2X Silver Boost – 1, 4X Crew XP Boost – 3, 6X Crew XP Boost – 4
  • 2 automatic fire extinguisher, 3 large repair kit, 3 large first aid kit
  • 2 manual fire extinguisher, 3 small repair kit, 3 small first aid kit


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