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Unpopular Opinion: The average player might actually benefit by being more aggressive NOT more patient

Content of the article: "Unpopular Opinion: The average player might actually benefit by being more aggressive NOT more patient"


This isn't just me winging about people camping. I'm going to try and present to you a logical argument step by step for why I believe this to be true. I have no intention of discussing my "stats" here, but I can say that after playing 30k+ games over 5 years, I have a good grip on game mechanics and the player meta and can regularly exploit these to win games.


Given my experience, I'll make the following statements which basically lay the foundation for the rest of my argument:

1: Given equally skilled teams, the one that brings more guns to bear on part of their opponent's team will generally defeat one that bases their game on positional play. In other words, no matter how good an enemy tank's position is (ie hull down or behind bushes), if you engage them with more tanks, you're generally going to beat them


2: Every second a player is not actively firing on an enemy or taking up an enemy's attention, they are detracting from their team's total DPM and therefore putting their team in a position to lose.

I think players can significantly help their teams just by doing the following:

1: Limiting their non-productive time (time spent not engaging the enemy)

2: Actually helping teammates push enemy positions and committing to the push once it happens. Generally a push fails not because it was an impossible push and it was dumb to do it, but bc players lose heart once they come under fire and the attack stalls. If you don't actually press all the way to the enemy position, you're taking all the risk but none of the reward.

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3: Actually being the first one to start a push if no one else will. Many of your teammates have gotten burned so many times, they're unwilling to push unless they see someone do it first. Even when its obvious that a push needs to happen, its so common for multiple people to sit waiting for someone else to. This crucial delay is often all it takes for your other flank to fold. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and be the first one to move.

Example for point 1:

We've all had games where the battle starts and we rush into position, but when we look around we still see 2 of our teammates dicking around in spawn or taking the absolute longest route possible on the flank and end up not doing anything useful for the first minute. Lots of people would argue that as long as they aren't bleeding hitpoints, they aren't doing anything wrong.

I disagree. See, the thing is, if your at tier X, every minute of inactivity is potentially 3000 damage that you're costing your team. Obviously that's just the extreme case, but its still true that you're missing out on some amount of damage or at the very least, you're putting some of your teammates under more pressure because they now have more guns on them that wouldn't have been free to look at them if your were engaging.

Example for point 2 and 3:

Imagine were on fort despair. The enemy has 2 tds in the spawn bushes. You have 3 meds on the med flank. Everyone else is on the heavy route. Most people would be comfortable pushing if it was just one td. But what about 2? Most people would generally hesitate.

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My answer is that you still need to push. Your heavies are outnumbered on the other flank. They will lose unless the enemy heavies drop the ball. You could backtrack around your spawn to go help them, but the heavy route is bad for meds and by the time you get there it could already be over. You need to push the tds. You stand a better chance of winning than you think.

Think about this:

3 meds focus firing can clear the entire hitpoint pool of a td in 6 seconds. If you switch to the next td immediately, the second one will be gone in another 12 seconds (thats less than the average tds reload). Even, if both tds manage to get off 2 shots as you come in (unlikely), they have very little chance of actually clearing all three of you once you reach them. Therefore, at least one of you will survive and this will probably turn the tide of the battle as you have free reign to smash into the backs of enemy heavies.


I want to point out again, I'm not just saying this to complain. If you're someone who plays quite cautiously, I genuinely think you could be missing out by playing too passively. Don't just think about what could go wrong if you push and take risks. You also need to think about what will go wrong if you don't. If anything you'll probably have more fun rushing enemies than camping lol


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