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[Unpopular opinion] You’re not getting bad teams all the time, You’re just not as good as you think you are.

The amount of posts I've seen, not just on reddit but on discord servers and in game chat as well, of people crying about getting bad teams literally every game. Well, I'm here to tell you the hard truth, about how you're not getting as many bad teams as you think, and about how its more often than not your own fault for performing poorly in your games. I'm sure this post will get downvoted to hell, because lets be honest most of the people who are crying just cant accept the fact that they're not as good as they think, but honestly I don't care. I'm just sick of seeing the constant bawling from players who have some pretty questionable win rates and dpgs, acting like they would have done better if their teams hadn't been garbage. It literally just reminds me of that one friend that picks fights and always needs to be held back, until you don't actually hold him back from that fight and he just backs down anyway and looks like a fool.

EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in this game gets the SAME MM. No, you are not getting worse teams than better players. No, you are not getting worse MM than people who purchase premium. No, you are not getting worse MM than people who have 'hacked the game and are cheating' (even though its literally impossible to cheat in WoT as everything is server side).

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Stop acting like every game you have is 4k dpg and its all your teams fault. Most likely a lot of you players reading this are the ones playing bad, sitting in the base doing literally nothing until your team gets overrun, and you do 1 shot, get spotted and die. Stop acting like if you had just loaded gold rounds, that you would be a super unicum who's better than our lord and saviour QB (Kappa). Stop acting like if that one player who's obviously hacking (They're not) and isn't just a better player than you (Blasphemy) that you would have 10k combined and be in FAME by now.

Of course everyone gets bad teams, steamrolls will always be a thing, but that applies to EVERY player, and not just you. People with 60%+ still get those games, but we are able to just do our damage and move on. I see people say that their last 20 games have all been steamrolls, lost in 2-4 minutes. Yet here I am getting maybe 1 of those types of games every 20 battles, and I always find myself thinking 'Are teams really that bad?'. Honestly it just seems to me like most people are too quick to blame their teams for their poor performance without actually asking themselves how they cold have played it better.

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If you want a quick tip, whenever you get those steamroll games, THEN retreat, fall back to the base and farm up some damage before everyone dies. Of course you wont win, but you'll be able to farm up some tasty xp and damage before going down, and lets be honest you're gonna lose anyway so why not right? But PLEASE don't be one of those people who thinks its a great idea to camp A1 on Prokhorovka, and then when the the east dies and you're still sitting there with your dick in your hands, you start crying in chat how your team is trash, you literally did nothing. Its always those types of players who cry the loudest, meanwhile you look at the results and they have 1 shot of damage.

I'm done ranting, I fully expect this post to get downvoted to hell cus this sub is full of the exact players this post is aimed at. But I don't care, this is my alt anyway. If you feel like actually taking the information to heart and actually trying to become better, then good for you. Otherwise I guess you can go back to being bad at the game, and crying at your team for dying whilst you sit in base with 0 damage and sub 1k dpg.

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