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Using daily missions for vehicle fragments – one month of data

TLDR: Over the past month I earned 46 vehicle fragments, that is over 5 T8 vehicles completely researched just using fragments from daily missions. Main lesson is, reroll your daily missions to get the most vehicle fragments, and free XP the low tier junk so those fragments help you with the higher tier vehicles.

I tracked for a month what rewards I got for daily missions, and what reward I would get for rerolling.

Every day, you get three regular daily missions, the first being the easiest with the lowest value rewards, the third being the hardest and the highest value rewards. I have found all the daily missions fairly easy to achieve. If you are stumped, play a low tier on SA server for a round or two (bots galore, easy to dominate), or for some of the missions like 7 critical hits in a game, load in on a spammy tank like 1357.

For the first mission, n of 27 (I didn’t log in to the game every day this month), I got this distribution. I think the n is too low for this to be representative but, I think you have a higher chance of getting silver and a lower chance of getting a blueprint fragment.

  • 2 Fire Ext 24%
  • 1 Vehicle Fragment 12%
  • 2 First Aid 16%
  • 15k Silver 32%
  • 2 Repair Kit 16%

For the second mission, n of 34 (I rerolled this a few times when I got fragments for the third mission). The n is still a bit too low, but silver and possibly bonds seem to get a higher chance, fragments a lesser one.

  • 500 FXP 9%
  • 1000 FXP 13%
  • 2 Vehicle Fragments 6%
  • Demount kit 19%
  • 30k silver 22%
  • Training Booklet 9%
  • 25 Bonds 22%

For the third mission, n of 85 ( I rerolled this as often as I would remember until I got blueprint fragments). More reasonable n, clearly silver has a higher chance overall, I think 15% is about the right chance to get the three fragments.

  • 1,250 FXP 13%
  • 3 Vehicle Fragments 15%
  • 30 Bonds 21%
  • 40k silver 32%
  • 55k silver 5%
  • Training Booklet 7%
  • Demount kit 7%

I ignored the bonus mission since it does not yield fragments.

Based on my math, I think that blueprint fragments are by far the most valuable of the rewards.

Below I have tried to come up with a valuation mechanism using $, where this is how much it would either cost you to buy the same thing using $ in the store or to buy something similar for $. The math below is only for third, hardest mission’s set of rewards

Blueprint fragments

A vehicle specific blueprint vehicle fragment allows you to skip or accelerate research on a vehicle that you haven't researched yet. For a tier 8 tank, you need 8 fragments to completely research it. At an average experience required for a T8 tank of 60,000 to 90,000 XP, and a Free XP cost of 25FXP/gold and gold cost of $99.99 per 25k gold, we can see that the total value of 3 vehicle fragments at T8 is ~$2.90 to $5.80. At T10, the value increases to $6.20 to $9.60.

But why, value these at T8? Aren’t the fragments allocated to the least researched branch, so it will go to my lowest unresearched tier? And a T2 blueprint is hardly worth anything, right?

Because you should Free XP the entire Tech Tree from the bottom up, best you can!

Any unresearched T2? Free XP it, T3 next. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to do, and ensures that the blueprint fragments you receive are for higher tier vehicles.

At this point I have researched every single tank in every tech tree up to Tier 7. But I have only played maybe 30% of them, the rest I free XPed or applied/got blueprints or fragments for. So now all fragments I receive are for T8 or better.

Free XP

At a Free XP cost of 25FXP/gold and gold cost of $99.99 per 25k gold, the 1,250 FXP reward is worth $0.20.


Silver is the most frequent reward,

At 10M silver for $96, 40k silver is worth $0.38 and 55k silver is $0.53.

Training booklet

A training booklet provides 20k experience per crew member, based on a training manual that costs 2M silver and 10M silver costing $96, a training booklet is worth $1.54

Demount kit

A demount kit replaces a 10 gold demount fee, so at $99.99 per 25k gold, one demount kit is worth $0.04, so it is by far the lowest value reward. But I also have over a hundred unused demount kits in my depot, so for me the value of these is even lower.


Bonds are the hardest to value since you cannot buy bonds outright. There are however items that you can buy for bonds or gold/$ which allow us to understand at least how WG values bonds. For example, the STG Guard costs 8k bonds or 8.2k gold. So at $99.99 per 25k gold, 30 bonds are worth $0.12. This is the second lowest value reward using that logic. Some may say they value bonds higher than that, but that is up to you. I have never actually used any bonds to-date, and have over 47k bonds chilling there. Maybe one day there will be something I really want, but an M60 or 121B just doesn't interest me.


Over the past month, I have earned 46 vehicle fragments, all of which either at T7 (I finished the last T7 a few weeks ago) or at T8. At 8 fragments per T8 vehicle, that is over 5 vehicles completely researched just using fragments from daily missions (of course I have to use some free XP to research some modules so I can unlock the vehicles, but that only gets painful at T8/9).

So in conclusion, reroll your daily missions to get the most vehicle fragments, and free XP the low tier junk so those fragments help you with the higher tier vehicles.


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