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I have seen a lot of people saying that the Walkurë is a hard tank to win with in Steel Hunter, since it tends to be stuck at V or lower when the Harbinger, Raven, Arlequin and even sometimes Varyag are zooming around at level VII.

The key with this tank is that you need to try to corner a tank or two early on, because you cannot collect items quickly enough early on, unless you spawn near three supply circles or an airdrop happens to land right on top of you.

Ideally you want a Varyag, which has 100 less HP and not the best penetration. Raven is next best. If you are roughly the same level and use premium ammunition or aim carefully, you should be able to kill it if it does not run too quickly. Harbinger is dangerous but doable if you can bounce some shots. Arlequin is too fast, unless you get lucky and it tries to kill you.

One or two kills plus a few supplies should get you to IV. Then you will have a good radio, decent speed, and gun, so move around the edge of the map, avoiding enemies, until you are at V. Now you have enough hit points that few tanks will want to bother you if they have other choices. You can then spend your time hitting circles and taking the odd potshot or easy kill if there are not too many enemies around. You can also grab airdrops if they are close.

Now comes the trick. Stay on the edge of the map as long as possible, avoiding all enemy tanks. By the time you have no choice but to engage, you will be at VI or VII, with 3000 HP, a bunch of healing items, and at least one repair circle, so most of the tanks will be prioritizing squishier targets. When the map starts shrinking to a single square, get behind cover and do not engage.

The fact is, you have more hit points than anything else and a healing ability. If neither of you moves, you will be the last one to die. You don't need to kill the Harbinger or Raven, you just need to let the Zone do it. If your enemy knows this and tries to come at you, you will get a free shot with your big gun. If you have chosen your position carefully, they will not be able to come behind you easily without passing through the Zone and taking lots of damage. If a Harbinger tries to put some fog on you or something similar, back into the Zone for 8 seconds to escape most of the damage.

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