World of Tanks (WoT)

Warning for new players

So, Im a new player that started playing with my friend about month ago. The game itself is pretty neat but I recently approached a problem. There is this youtuber called NewMulti2k from Poland that have clans for new players called PNG aka Pazie na Gazie, to get into this clan you need to pay him a small fee of 10 zł which is 2.25 euro or 2.50 dollars. Everything was fine until recently my friend was kicked from the clan. What you need to know is the policy of the clan: you have to play 100 games a week or you get kicked, for exchange you can play with more experienced players and get clan bonuses (idk how are they called, but you probably know what I mean). If you cant play 100 games a week you simply talk with someone who is responsible for keeping track of everyone and then youre fine, you can do this from time to time but not too often. So my friend had exams whole 2 weeks and talked to this youtuber, he agreed that he dont have to play for this 2 weeks and everything is fine. My friend wanted to be extra sure so before break he played 300 battles in one week. Then after the break we wanted to play together with other clan mates, but guess what? he was thrown from the clan, with a message "it was your second time when you was absent from the game, if you want to talk about it come to my stream" which basically means: give me more money or gtfo.

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I dont know if taking money from players is legal and I dont care, but what i want to say is to stay away from this and his other clans if youre new to the game. My nick is Ersseren (Im still in this clan so you can check it if you want), my account was created 7 years ago when I was 13 years old but my computer was so bad that game was unplayable hence why I said that Im playing now for about a month. Also, is this even right with wargaming policies?


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