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WG: An Alternate Theory on 6.0

Context: They = WG/Console, PC = PC-WG the original game maker, We/Us = gamer community many who have been playing for 6-7 years. TLDR near the bottom.

So folks, this is just a theory/longshot. I know it sounds far fetched, but I am just at a loss to explain why WG would take a fork and stab themselves in both eyes with a smiling (and might say I underappreciated and brave) Minto serving as their sole cover (aka: BUTCHERED 6.0 update).

So lets hark back to when XB version was launched. It was advertised as a PC game that was coming to XB360 as an exclusive. Later they said, well, sort of, kind of, but it is a separate company and a "… different game … " et al. Remember that they have always dragged their feet over the things like Polish lines and generally have not timely followed PC releases. They have been reluctant to say more about their relationship with PC beyond that. But do seemed to have been successful in getting us to a point of ready acceptance of the fact that console company is completely separate. While at the same time never disclose that in reality they may be contracted with the mother company for content in a specific way. Content that they may in fact have had to pay for (or license) in fatter amounts over time, as long as they continued to use and maintain the same codebase.

Fast forward a few years, and now said "license" to use/improve/maintain software plus content (including the garage) is up for renewal. Lets peg it at 7-8 years for convenience. To avoid headaches, at year 6, they divert all resources to start parallel development to completely rid themselves of the licensed older code base. The primary goal would be to dispense with a huge chunk of the potential licensing fee. Remember "… the original coders are long gone " shpiel? Well, that would be euphemism for, "... the original providers of software require us to enter into either a new contract or an expensive one (or both) that we are unable to sustain, so we will have to roll our own and that cannot look anything like the original one". Now comes December 2020 and they are not completely ready/tested but they have to ditch before new years, or incur a really fat fee. So what do they do? They build up this narrative of "… oh yeah – this is gonna be great, just wait and see, ask Minto, he is our witness" (FYI – Minto is good in my book). These and other PR blitzes via their twitch streams were meant to deflect and divert from the real issue – they are unable to provide the same game beyond Dec20 due to contractual issues.

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If all they wanted to do was to recreate for better maintenance, why would they not at least try it piece-meal or at least retain some semblance of familiarity? And why would it not be incremental or new in parts? Or even one that changed the game over time? Or even some A-B testing which is easy to do given the state of software testing. The fact that they are completely reluctant from the onset to go that route might be because they are obligated to not be similar as of a drop dead date.

If extrapolated further, they may have already bought/merged with a competitor. One that already offers modern tanks. Thus the new UI would fit right in lock-step by serving as a springboard to fatter player-base and profits: More/modern tanks, newer maps and content, no more expensive fees to be paid to PC/WG. Goodbye old, hello new. Watch out community, here we come.

Except there was one huge speed bump they failed to see coming: 6.0 was a complete and an utterly unmitigated wreck. So much so, that the sudden exodus and player base drop off forced them to renegotiate parts with PC again. The unexplainable delay of a few months before anything really happened, in reality might have been cover to work out new paperwork and contracts to start rolling back some changes.

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On the subject of this armored warfare kind of tie-in – the current console company might part ways completely with PC/WG as soon as they can launch the modern segment (redacted until early fall or so) since they will have to then disclose that aspect. Additionally a) They get more maps from that acquisition so no longer rely on PC/WG and b) PC/WG either would not be interested to go in solo (like warships) or maybe we will see the original console clone re-launched in the future.


So, basically the premise is that WG was running out time on their initial contract. They started parallel development where the only artwork in game that remained was the SERVER_CODE, TANKS and MAPS. Everything else 100% was changed to be different on purpose. With the sole purpose of launching a completely new game with a merged console competitor. Thus decreasing or halting revenue outflow to PC/WG. The tanks retained might either be cheaper to license, or perhaps they are not as copyrightable if the models are changed subtly here and there when the covers are taken off the complete product. The maps could be licensed (beyond Dec) on a per use basis with some maps that are small or console exclusive running cheaper. Hence they can only offer a small number to keep the game running near term. All the while options are worked out in the background on how to supplement more content without incurring more fees. While at the same time "… we are working on maps" would be used as cover to incur wait time to be closer to options that are already projected into the future. As per one post here it looks like that point might be out into early summer. Perhaps that also coincides with the bigger launch of a completely re-branded game, (almost) free of PC/WG clutches.

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Anyways, that is just a theory. If it falls flat, then so be it. Take it as a sh1t post if you will. If anything, a good story-tell (and if so, sorry to have wasted your time). o7


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