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WG f*ing up discounts on Amazon App store

Content of the article: "WG f*ing up discounts on Amazon App store"

For anyone who is not aware of this, it was possible to get bundles in the in-game shop at discounted prices (10-20% off) using the Amazon app store and their currency (Amazon Coins). This is because the margins that Amazon charges app publishers are considerably lower than the ones in iOS.

Early this year, starting with the last battlepass we saw that it came at the same "regular" price of 5,49. Some of us though it might be an error but new bundles published have shown it isn't.

Also worth mentioning that this seems to be happening only in some stores. That we are aware of, stores affected are those ones in the EU (France, Italy, Germany, Spain), but it's not affecting the UK (BTW, If you are using this payment method and have evidence from other store or a different experience, please share in the comments!!)

Now the last nail in the coffin: we could "understand" a change in policies due to diverse reasons (taxes, App store changes…) but what is harder to swallow is that they seem to be applying different price schemas for every new bundle, to the point that the discounts they announce don't even make sense. Judge for urselves, using Emil 1951 containers:

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WG, seriously?

As you can see:

  • The initial containers did get the usual discount on Amazon App store: From 5.49€ to 4.26€
  • New offers from this morning didn't get the discount ???. This makes the "offer" they publish just plain wrong on that store. 3.49€ is NOT a 40% off from 4.26€ and 10.99€ is NOT a 2+1 offer when a single container costs 4.26€

To close this, this can either be an error or a new greedy policy from WG. The persistence in new non-discounted offers points clearly to the latter, but …


In the meantime, it you're in EU and using this payment method, I suggest you restrain from doing any purchase at all at least until WG clarifies what's going on.


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