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Whale Scale Review: RAMBAT vs. RAMC.A.T.

The second and third installation of the reviews for the GI Joe tanks compares these two versions of what are effectively the same tank, though they have their differences.

The Tanks

As I mentioned, both of these are effectively the same vehicle, but the Cobra CAT has been respecced a little to make it just different enough from the MOBAT. I'll get to those differences in a minute, but let's start with the overlap. Both tanks are of the heavy class with a class leading 3000 hit points. Both are extremely fast (as is the meta of Era 2: speed is king) with top speeds in excess of 72 kph. They weigh an absolute ton, so when you combine it with the excessive speeds they are capable of, you get the nicknames RAMBAT and RAMCAT. More on that later.

The major differences between the two are as follows:

GunPenAlphaVisionTop speed

One additional difference is in the horsepower column: the MOBAT boasts 1920 hp, but the CAT only has 1300 (which is a needed upgrade from the GI Joe merchandise correct 1200 painted on the side). This leaves the CAT needing some gravitational help to really reach its max speed. Or you could do what I did and add traction equipment to the MOBAT for a solid 80 kph cruising speed and advanced powertrain to the CAT for the 5% bonus power that let me at least see 80 from time to time and comfortable cruise in the mid 70s most times.

Playing the Tanks

They shoot well, the armor can save you some, especially with the sloped and rounded turret cheeks, but they still put a giant manhole cover on top of the turret and, yeah… Anyway, like I said above, these things weigh a whole heck of a lot and are capable of speeds well in excess of 70 kph. Well, you know E=Mc2, right? Yep. Lots of weight plus lots of speed (plus controlled impact skill on the MOBAT commander for science the memes) and you get…more than 1300 HP off a front end collision with a T-72AV, a full health death of a HISS (only 500HP lost, too!!), a light tap on an M60A1 that kills them for >900. I could go on, but you get the picture, right? RAMBAT AND RAMCAT MOTHER BITCHES! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Yes, I had entirely too much fun terrorizing my own team by trying to ram opponents to death there for a bit. Totally worth it, in all honesty. That in and of itself is worth 2000 gold for the season pass to at least get the MOBAT and meme it out. Just saying.

But seriously, it works as a normal tank, too. It just isn't quite as fun. I do like the gun on both, but you lose a fuzz of reload for the extra pen and alpha with the CAT. Just a heads up.


When in doubt, RAM it out!!!

I know, I'm beating a dead horse here, but these reviews are hard to do, but I bet you all know what stood out for me playing these two, huh? Either way, if you pick up one of these, you'll get a good tank with workable armor and a good gun.


  • 2 Whales: I bought it for myself in the big bundle
  • 1 Whales: I bought (or will buy) the base bundle
  • Killer Whale: I really want to buy it, but I'm not a real whale and neither are orcas (I'll buy it on discount when it comes around)
  • Dolphin: Great as a gift or a key card drop, but I wouldn't spend money on it.
  • Fish: After the 30 day loan is up, it's leaving my garage never to return.

For the MOBAT, it's a very simple choice: Killer Whale. Get it at a discount, aka buy the pass and grind it out if you haven't already. For the CAT, I will rate it the same. I really want to be able to say I can afford to buy it and keep it, but I can't, so I have to hope it comes back around on a sale one day.

Thanks for reading and as always, you can catch all the testing games live on my twitch channel. Catch y'all out there!


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