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What do you think about the upcoming Halloween event (and content)?

Content of the article: "What do you think about the upcoming Halloween event (and content)?"

Let’s talk about the upcoming Halloween event, AKA the Burning Games. Here’s what I know (from Pantouflee): you gradually lose health over time. You regain 40% of your damage dealt, and 50% of your ally’s potential damage when you get shot by an ally. When you die, you res pawn with -30% reload, and +30% to damage, engine power, and top speed. You can only respawn once. Of course, this doesn’t affect stats.

My advice? Load some HE (more than usual) to heal your teammates, or to finish off some low health players. NO CAMPING, unless you’ve got a lot of targets to shoot at. Work together towards killing low-health players, but don’t tunnel/yolo rush them.

Now the Petroleum Tanker (paid pass): 30 levels unlocked, with bonus missions to help you progress. If you plan on having a life, buy this pass if you want the T7 tank. The bonus tasks can ONLY be completed with these tanks: Annihilator, Spike, Scavenger, Gravedigger, Smasher, Tankenstien. These missions are either damage, win, or destroy. The event is supposedly possible F2P, but you will have to spend a crap ton of time on it.

The paid pass also gives you access to crates for Helsing (5% drop chance), Dracula (5%), Lycan (5%), Scavenger (5%), Tankenstien (2%), Gravedigger (2%), Smasher (1%).

IMO, the paid pass is worth the money, and you should get it if you want the new T7 tank, or a chance at the older OP Halloween tanks.

Now, the new tanks. The T5 Spike, and the T7 Annihilator. The Spike is basically a reskinned Strv. m/42, with slightly better gun handling and DPM.

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The Annihilator. The new T7 heavy, and the main focus of the event, at least for me. A tank with a weak hull and trollish turret armor. Decently mobile, with average gun handling. However, what’s sets this tank apart is that the two following shells HAVE 0 DISPERSION. In other words, the following 2 shells will go to where the first shot hit. OP? Maybe, but we will have to wait and see.

These details may change, as so far, these are only leaks, but I would like to know what you guys think. I will edit for details and/or clarification as necessary.


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