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What is in your opinion the worst T10 of each class? (not arty)

Content of the article: "What is in your opinion the worst T10 of each class? (not arty)"

Been thinking about this a lot.

TD: Foch B . The tank is so unflexible its nuts, it has no armor, doesnt back quickly, cant snipe, has bad penetration, never havee had ANY problem fighting against it. Thinking about fighting a OBJ 268-4 in this makes me shiver, and fighing it in a 268-4 makes me NUT.

Medium: K91. Same problem as the Foch B. Its so unflexible and is a one trick pony. I dont think ANY of the mediums are bad actually, just that the K91 is kindof pointles, DPM sniping isnt good.

Heavy: FV215B. This makes me sad as i love this tank but it really is god awfull, its so fun to play against as its like a damage pinata, just beat it harder than you beat your meat, every shot will pen.

LT: Flippanzer RHM. Do i need explanation?

The one i dislike the most is the Foch B, simply because its so easy to play against and so unfun to play. The tank is completely imbalanced, it has this insane 6 shot autoloader, but the chassis its on is so bad. Dont get me wrong i have had good games in it, but the best way i can desribe it is that its like one of those birds that sit on an elephants back and helps the elephant by eating bugs. It really only has one way to play and that is following a heavy tank like that bird and use the element of suprise. I literally cant remember me shooting a single shot at it that bounce, or blocking shots.

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In my opinion the Foch B needs a remake as there is no way to make this tank any good with THAT gun. The gun is too stupid, underpowered and overpowered at the same time, it really is Schrödinger gun.

As for the FV215b, give it the same armor as the super conq. The super Conq will still be better as the rear turret isnt flexible at all.

It also feels reaallllllllly fucking bad to be a Tier 8 in a Tier 10 Match, then your Tier 10 Heavy is a FV215B and they have a IS-7, or you have a K91 and they have a OBJ 140.

I love talking about WoT and i have Aspergers so im quite passionate about WoT, i have been thinking of making a video and talk about some concepts i have in my mine about WoT, what makes tanks great, what stats are important and what isnt, how some tank stats are wildly overrated (like HP Pool and Accuracy) and others are underrated (gun dispersion values). So if you guys are interested in hearing that i could make it.

Would love to hear what you guys think are the worst tier 10's! Have a good day lads, weekend soon!

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Also, shoutout to the T57 Heavy for being shit but not AS shit as the FV215B.


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