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What tanks to keep in the Russian tree:

I'm a bit bored and don't feel like trying to get that last 3% dmg standing on my E5 atm, so here's what tanks I'd suggest you folks keep in the Russian tech tree, starting from tier 5.

Tier 5:

  • T34: An amazing DPM bully, this thing will fire out more damage over a short period of time than nearly any other medium in its tier (or two tiers higher). Combine that with great mobility and some sidescraping potential and you've got yourself a disgusting little tank. (Use the 57mm)

  • KV-1: You have a lot of good armor, specifically 75mm all across the front and sides of the hull, and 110 mm all around the turret. You can go with a 57mm dpm dozer, or a 122mm derp trading monster. Either way, this thing won't let you down.

Tier 6:

  • T-150: Take everything I said about the KV-1 and shove it up two notches. The hull goes from 75mm to 90mm. The turret becomes… between 180mm and 200mm effective all across the front, apart from a couple weak points. Give it a 107mm and you have all the right ingredients for a great brawler. Just spec into your gun handling and survivability and you'll be a monster, even down a tier.

  • KV-2: Do I need to say why? 152mm of soviet glory firing out of that barrel. Load HE. remind tier 8's that tiers are just insignificant numbers.

  • SU-100: Your first consistent taste of a high velocity 122mm gun. This is what the Russian tanks are about. High damage, no sh**s given, all the time. If that wasn't enough, they gave this puppy great mobility and good camo values. Use it and abuse it.

Tier 7:

  • IS: Finally! A heavy mounting that 122mm doom stick to sweep away the competition. Sure, you had this gun on the KV-85, but that was a piss poor platform that relied solely on the alpha of the glorious 122. The IS is up armored, up mobilitied, way up gun handling and DPM'ed. this provides a consistent platform from which you can out trade and outplay your heavy rivals.

  • SU-152: Holy mother of DPM! What you lose out on with accuracy and penetration, you more than make up for in alpha damage and DPM. This thing's base DPM is 3162 on its 122. To give perspective, the highest DPM in the game is 3380. This is a tier 7 with almost that much DPM and good camo to boot. ABUSE IT!

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Tier 8:

  • ISU-152: 750 alpha damage on a tier 8 with enough penetration to contend with tier 10's is very formidable. No other TD at its tier does it like this one does. The added benefit is that you get to swing that massive… cough… cannon all over tier 6's and 7's as well. Stay hidden and b**** slap anyone that rolls in your line of sight. Enough said.

  • IS-3: The original big bad mofugga nobody wanted to mess with. Arguably the best tier 8 heavy platform for that 122mm boom stick. A respectable pike that can occasionally lol bounce tier 10's. Mobility to get where you need to be. Sidescraping prowess. Decent gun handling for a 122. This wolf may be old, but she's still the leader of the pack.

  • LTTB: The ultimate anti-scout at its tier. Very fast, good DPM for a light, good muzzle velocity, and troll armor that bounces the occasional shot make for killing enemy lights a piece of cake. Once that's done, you are still a fantastic scout with good camo and view range.

Tier 9:

  • T-54: One of the most beloved tanks of skilled players, this tank has mobility, armor, DPM, and lolpen HEAT shells that make any armor look like cheese. That's hot. This is a true tier 9 hovermed that too many people underestimate.

  • T-10: This is only a heavy tank by designation. In actuality, it's a medium tank with good armor and 440 alpha. Get into an aggressive position early in ways other heavies can only dream of. Use your good gun handling and penetration to snap heavies and mediums trying to do the same thing you are doing. If you can get hull down as a bonus? oh boy…

  • T-54 ltwt: Same situation as the LTTB. you have enough armor to occasionally ricochet rounds of, and have the speed to outmaneuver other lights. Your gun just so happens to be perfect to handle them too. Late game assassinations are nowhere near out of the question for this stealthy snake either.

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Tier 10:

  • IS-7: The IS-3 is a fantastic tank, but little did it know, it would give birth to a pike nosed, 130mm canon wielding, demon of a tier 10. It's mobile. It has the best pike in the game. And that 122 is now an even more threatening 130. The skill floor for this tank is very low, but the skill ceiling is pretty high. This makes for a tank that will fit well in anyone's hands.

  • Obj 277: The T-10 is the diet version of this tank. Take every good thing I said about the T-10 and give it a 130mm and more gun depression. How in the heck can anyone not like this heavium?

  • Obj 268: One of the tier 10 tank destroyers that held onto that monstrous 850 alpha damage, this thing puts 152mm sized holes into any tank unwary or stupid enough to cross it's line of sight. To top it off, it can be built to be sneaky and has enough armor to ricochet a few rounds. Definitely the best of the tier 10 soviet TD's in my humble opinion. (No. The 268 5 is a heavy)

  • T-100 LT: We have gone from "among the best" to quite literally "the best" anti-scout light tank in the game. Not only that, but it is also the best scout in the game as well. This thing, in the right hands, can win more games swung in the enemy's favor than not. This tank is also why I fear for the arrival of wheeled lights on console. God help us all.

  • Obj. 140: The hovermed that everyone wants. The fast, sneaky, high DPM, armored, RBRT monster that anyone can drive. Who DOESN'T want this tank in their garage!?

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Wow. That took longer than I expected. Honorable mentions to just about every tank in the Russian tech tree. Each tank has strengths and weaknesses that can be too subjectively rated to add to this list. I tried to pick tanks that I believe excell amongst its peers at its tier and class and didn't want to saturate it too much with any tank I liked or thought was good. I may be inclined to do this for other nations if I'm ever bored enough. Lol. I Hope it was a good read.


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