World of Tanks (WoT)


Nobody asked for this, but here it is. Xm551 Sheridan- the HE on your 152 has a higher chance if succeeding than you do in life. M48 patton- you think your a patriot, your really just a capitalist. T-57 heavy- load, fire, die, rage, repeat. T110e5- your thought that since the two TDs were good, this would be too. T110e3- your guns fixed, just like your income. T110e4- your an asshole. T92 – that big ass guns compensating for something not so big. Manticore – your new, as is this price of shit, and you'd figure you'd get it since it's new do it must be good. Centurion AX 10- your head's just as thick as your turret is to pen fv4202- your as decent as this things gold ammo cheiftan- your an insecure ass whip s conquerer- your a douchebag. Fv215b- wtf is wrong with you. Fv215b 183- look up cancer in the dictionary, there will be a picture of you. Fv4005- you like shrek so much that you bought his outhouse. Badger- your armor resembles your gf, thick and flat. Conquerer gc- that howitzer goes somewhere else after the battle, if you get me. Rhinemetal panzervagon- you thought this thing was good, turned out you were right. Leopard 1- you an indecent prick. E50 m- you ram just as well in game as you do in bed e100- e stands for excuse For a man. Maus- accurately describes your brain. Pz7- 7 is your IQ. Jg pz e100- your gold ammo is more respected than you. Wf auf e100- your sheild has more potential than you ever could or will. Grille 15- closely resembles you, small, no protection, and gets penetrated by everyone. GW e100- gw stands for gay whore. T100 Lt- your a piece of shit. Object 140- you make up for in gold ammo what you lack in decency. Object 430- your a nobody. Object 430u- your a 23 year old man boy. K-91- your a flat trunk kinda guy. T62a- you think your special, your not Is7- your a first year commie. Object 277- you wanted a is7 without the nose. Object 705a- you wanted a super heavy that was biased. Is 4 – your a moron. Obj 268- your a proud KGB member. Obj 268 v4- your dumb. Obj 263- your dumber. Obj 261 your fire arc is flat, just like your women. Amx 13 105- 13 is your IQ 105 is your bank account. Amx 50 B- your armor is useless, just like you. Bc 25 t- 25 is your hourly wage, good on you. Amx 30 b- your a dumbass Amx m4 54- your a decent human being. Foch 155- you thought the marginal line would work bc 155 58- 5 small bangs followed by some smoke, just like my honeymoon. wz 132a- your fake. 121- your busted both in gamee, and real life. 113- same as above, but your a heavy peice of shit wz 111-1 5a- your a socialist. Wz 113g ft- your faker than the light. Stb 1- your a weeb. Type 5 heavy- your a big weeb. Tvp vtu- you think czeslovakia did shit in ww2. 60 tp- you horde toilet paper. Cs-63- FUCK YOU, YOU INBRED PIECE OF SHIT. progetto 65, you own alot a guns, and a pizza joint strv 103b- you have a weird fetish for door stops udes 15/16- you like ugly things. Kranvagn- you wanted the t-57 but with armor. I think that's it, if I missed one I'm m sure I find out soon enough, DISCLAIMER – this is a joke, it's not meant to be taken seriously, but I actually enjoy hate comments so fire away.😁

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