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Where do you see the game by the end of 2020? 2021?

Content of the article: "Where do you see the game by the end of 2020? 2021?"

So obviously the implementation of crossplay – even though it has inadvertently damaged the quality of gameplay considerably – has practically “doubled” the size of our servers. However, the addition of the abomination that is the WWE SummerSlam event has turned a lot of players off and even forced many on their final straws to quit in some cases – for the time being or completely.

2020 has been such an odd year for the game. In April we were finally released from the grasp of the disaster that was Mercenaries and got Valor. While Valor wasn’t the saving grace that many of us had hoped for, it was still a nice change and a very rare step in the right direction – even if it was a bit off in terms of tank balancing.

Valor built up the hype for 5.0, giving us a (now false) sense of hope that WGCB had somehow changed its ways and was headed in the right direction. The bombshell announcement of the dropping of 360 built up this excitement even more.

So then 5.0 hit – and it was pretty much a flop. A lackluster update (other than crossplay) with basically no tank balance or MM changes along with a ridiculously stupid collaboration with the WWE made for a very underwhelming late summer that so far has caused many to quit again. I thought we were going to have a repeat of 4.6 again with how poor the community reception was (and amazingly still is) for 5.0 and SummerSlam.

5.0 and the WWE event has basically shown us that WGCB still has not learned from its past mistakes. Even more shocking is their abrupt silence on the community outrage over the SummerSlam event, even as they’ve been getting slammed for it (no pun intended) on basically every media platform, from YouTube and the forums to even Facebook and Instagram.

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Add on the probability that this may not be the only WWE event we’re gonna have, the sad realization that we may never get +1/-1 permanently, and the upcoming introduction of the wheeled terrors … well, there’s a possibility that these next couple months are going to be very rocky indeed.

Whatever happens by the end of the year is surely going to influence 2021 and the decisions that WGCB makes. We’ve seen how utterly ridiculous and desperate they can get – WWE SummerSlam is clear proof of this, and so far it’s backfired and blown up in their faces just like so many of their other past failures.

What do you all think? Interested to see your thoughts.


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