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Why is the new UI such a step backwards?

Content of the article: "Why is the new UI such a step backwards?"

Bit of a different take as I came back for a few games after taking a break for almost a year. I see that 6.0 is unpopular, but I've really only seen people complaining about the silver economy (which is a hugely valid complaint).

I'm more miffed by the UI though? It's a complete downgrade and actively shows LESS information than it did before. It's such a goddamn chore to even find out what tank you're looking at. You can't just look at a group and know what they are or their health at a glance.

The killfeed is a massive step backwards too? Like why does it not show tank type and why is there no toggle to enable this?? This has been standard in shooter games for the last 2 decades now. Shit, some even let you toggle an icon to go with the gun name that got the kill. Now I have to remember names, open the roster, and switch into yet another tab to compare names and tanks. All of this while I'm actively trying to play the game.

To cap it off, the end of battle report isn't even a report anymore. I have no idea who I damaged, what I broke, and I don't have an economy breakdown anymore.

Why in the name of all that's holy would you take so many things that are not broken and break the ever loving shit out of them?

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Who decided that we needed less info as players? And that what info is present needs to be actively hidden away from us inside of context menus instead of visible at a glance? Like what is the purpose of the chevrons instead of the original tank class icons? There was absolutely nothing wrong with them. I shouldn't have to move my reticle and hover over someone just to see what they are. Doing this will make you miss shots you could have taken or worse; get you killed.

I feel like I'm actively fighting the game itself more than other players now just to get information and it's just not fun.

For reference, I played WoT on PC from 2010-2015, got 20+ T10, did clan wars, all of that. Switched to console and got the 5 year pin for logging on the other day.

It's been a mostly solid port tbh. Some glaring issues, but the gameplay has always been similar enough to keep me coming back and getting OG PC vibes. I don't understand the need or desire to so radically shift away from what WoT has traditionally been.

If a PC player tried playing WoT console now, I don't know that they'd honestly even recognize the game. And that's a huge issue.

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