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Winning with Harriers in WT event is easier than you think; most people do it wrong

Content of the article: "Winning with Harriers in WT event is easier than you think; most people do it wrong"

I just finished the grind, got all 30 pieces and let me tell you, it's easier than you think.

A lot of people seem to be thinking that the WT is OP and it's almost impossible to win with the Harriers, but it's a bit more nuanced than that. The gamemode is actually stacked in the favor of the Harriers by design, the WT just wins more often because people are stupid.

Bad Harriers, bad WT? WT will win.

Bad Harriers, good WT? WT will win.

But good Harriers? They will always win the WT, even if the WT is a super unicum, because it's actually easy to outplay the WT if you're smart about it.

  • First and most important thing most players have absolutely wrong is their tunnel vision on farming the power levels. People are just so set on getting level 9 and 10, they forget that they need to kill the WT, and waste away so much time on killing the strong, tanky late bots. You cant clear point 9 and point 10 in seconds like you can clear all previous points, even if you're organized, it's too hard and the tanks actually shoot back pretty big damage. So here's the tip: LEVEL 7 AND 8 ARE ENOUGH. They absolutely are and if you think they're not, you don't know what you're talking about. You should start shooting the WT whenever you get the chance, when you get 7 levels. 8 is optional if you need a bit more time, but you never really need 9 and 10. This is why I lost about 80% of my games. People just refusing to start farming the WT at level 7, instead choosing to waste too much time.
  • This is not as bad, as it doesn't happen too often, but about 10% of the games I've lost just because people die too early. You need to be participating all the time, yes, but dont give yourself away to the WT. Always keep a house, a rock or a hill between you and the WT. You can farm points 1 to 8 pretty much on autoaim, so keep an eye on WT and shoot the NPCs without even looking. If WT starts chasing you, let him, he is wasting time while your team is farming.
  • Another important tip is that it's actually not the best strategy to split the team across two points. Best is actually to stick together and just steamroll all the points. WT can mostly only cover 1 point. A meatball of 6 players roaming around together can clear each point so ridiculously quick, the WT just cant catch up. When I've had games with 4 players just snowballing each point – whatever point the WT is the furthest away – we've gotten to lvl 7 or 8 with like 5 minutes remaining. That's plenty of time to farm the WT easily.
  • When shooting the WT, pick a slope and show him only your turret. It's actually really hard to pen the T55 turret armor from the front, if you dont see the hull.
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Hope that helps. In platoon with a bunch of friends I had about 80% winrate with the Harriers, just because we 3 sticked together in coordinated fashion and started farming WT at level 7. That's the most important thing. The few losses were not because the WT was too good, but because the other 3 Harriers were way too bad.


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