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This month's competition is a fresh idea I had that relied on WG supplying me with some interesting facts for you to try and answer and /u/MintoVimto has come through for me again. I have a bunch of questions that the team have given me for you to guess. Please let me know if you like this style as I can continue it if its successful.

  1. The map Liberty Falls started off as a PC map and underwent various modifications and additions. Which PC map was it based on?

  2. What is the most played map in Team Training?

  3. Which Mercenary Contract has been completed by the most number of players?

  4. What is the largest map that has ever been on console and what size was it?

  5. What used to be the the limit for the number of spare crews you could have in your barracks? (I'll accept answers within +10/-10)

  6. In the past 90 days, what was the most played tech tree tank? (Multiplayer Battles Only)

  7. What is the most played tech tree tank of all time? (Excluding tier 1 tanks)


  1. PM me your answers. If you post here not only will I DQ you I will ban you from reddit for being retarded.

  2. Deadline is Monday 21st July 9am UTC.

  3. You may only submit one entry so make sure you're happy with your answers before you do.

  4. Most right answers wins, otherwise there will be a tie break question I hold in reserve.


  • Winner will get a Lansen C code.
  • A random entry (non-winner) will win a Dreadnought code.
  • I would like to give a bonus code for anyone getting all 7 right, but I will reserve this until I see how easy this sort of quiz is due to the limitations of my code pool and the new nature of this contest.
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Information on prizes. These are part of the new community rewards scheme Minto introduced and supplies us with. The codes expire and are non transferable. I log who I send them to and report them to WG. If you win you will have to supply your gamertag the account will be redeemed on and if there is a discrepancy the reward can be removed.

Good luck!


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