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WoTC Academy Community Contest!

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I know this is incredibly late posting this, ( I honestly forgot about the Reddit community when I lost all 30 of my open tabs lol. sorry!!) But despite the short amount of time remaining, DezertSTORM suggested I post it here anyway. Nonetheless, here is the video explaining what the project is, as well as all the info you will need to know about the contest below!

Here is all the info you'll need!

general overview:

Duration: 30 days from start (the release of this video) to create a story and submit it.

Method of submission: email ONLY submit to <>(

Overview: All writers will have a chance to create a short story for 1 of 5 available pieces of art and are to create a short story around the artwork they chose. once the deadline is passed, all submitted submissions will be made public for the community to vote on for 1 week. The top 3 voted will be the winners and will receive their prizes.


– All submissions MUST be submitted before the announced deadline. (Oct. 4th at 11:59 pm EST)

– All submissions MUST be in English (so I/others can read them)

– Story MUST depict a scene referencing the artwork chosen.

– Story MUST NOT contain any current political, racial, sexual, or any other generally unwanted language or themes.

– Story MUST be an actual short story. lazy submissions may be rejected (if you want to win you got to show your fellow tankers you deserve to win!)

– The story can be any length as long as the plot makes sense and qualifies as a short story.

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3rd place:

– the commander from the story will become the commander of that tank in my garage.

– 30 days of premium

– Dreadnought KV-2

2nd place:

– the commander from the story will become the commander of that tank in my garage

– 30 days of premium

– Atomic Centurion

1st place:

– the commander from the story will become the commander of that tank in my garage

– Ariete Progetto Mod. 46

– A tier 8 premium that I can purchase and can actually gift (regardless of platform)

Forum post: (for hi-res photos)…

I wish every tanker out there the best of luck in their creation!


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