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WOTC Matchmaking – How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Content of the article: "WOTC Matchmaking – How I Learned to Love the Bomb"

Let me start by asking a simple question. How does matchmaking work in WoTC 6.0? No, don't be testy and say it doesn't. How is it supposed to work? I was an original Xbox 360 version beta tester and played actively until 2018. I have played in over 15K matches in all tank classes. Very few were in premium tanks as they were still rather rare back in the "old days." I took a break from the game and only returned last month to see if I could rekindle my interest. I restarted before the 6.0 update so I've played both sides of the divide so to speak. I was quite surprised at the relevance of premium tanks in the current game, the number of tier 8 premiums today is mind boggling. Anyway, I've returned to grinding tank tree vehicles again, with the American and Japanese mediums in mind. What I can't figure out is how WG is accommodating my newly purchased tier 8 level 1 updated STA-1 in the matchmaking process. My concerns started with its tier 7 predecessor (Chi-Ri) which was a really painful grind. A tier 6 gun in a tier 7 tank. Oh though I roll through the valley of death I will not fear or falter… With my nearly toothless but freshly fabricated STA-1 I am repeatedly placed in tier 10 matches with one or two other designated targets. Even in those rare occasions where my team is victorious (my loss ratio is impressive so far) I drain my silver bank consistently for repairs and standard consumables. I can't do enough damage to maintain a positive cash flow. Now I have recently acquired several new premium tier 8 mediums and those have a silver earnings buff so they rake in the cash. It seems to me, a newly reactivated reserve driver, that something terrible has happened to WoTC in the last two plus years. The grind economics for tank tree vehicles has been destroy with the introduction of so many premiums and the apparent lack of a WG matchmaking system that actually includes the current capabilities of a given tank's equipment. In the past I've heard the WG explanation about how matchmaking is supposed work. First balancing criteria is by tank class but with the saturation of fully capable premiums on the field they now have a huge advantage over their tank tree cousins. Is this an issue that others have experienced? Has WG addressed this apparent failure in their matchmaking design? Has WG even admitted that this is an obvious problem?

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