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For those that don’t know, WoTStars launched a few months ago, and is ‘yet another stats site’ – specifically designed from the ground up for WoT Console.

The focus is very much on tracking your own progress, and monitoring strengths and weaknesses. In particular, I like to think that a player profile page gives a great, easy to read overview of a player, but that there’s plenty of depth and options for those that want to dig in further.

It’s still in beta, but has come a long way since launch and my introduction post to WorldofTanksConsole/.

If you have any questions about the site, or stats in general, feel free to post. I’ll try to answer what I can, and maybe other folks can chip in where possible too.

This is a bit of a long post, so I may as well start with a TL;DR:

  • New pages like ‘Top Clans’ and ‘Tanks’
  • New graphs – player performance distribution for individual tanks, as well as Tank Performance.
  • WN8 tuned for console specifically.
  • WN8 by Tier display to help make it clear where you/a player is earning their WN8 rating
  • Clan profile pages have more ‘stuff’ – including a kind of mini ‘Top Damage Hall of Fame’ – who in your clan has the highest damage record?

Updates since my first post

Clearly the most important update has been the addition of an un-capped Trees Cut stat. No longer are we limited to 60,001. Lumberjacks rejoice.

Second to this perhaps is the switch from using PC/XVM/hybrid WN8 ‘expected values’ to 100% console specific values. I won’t go in to why this is imo a very important thing too much, as it is a huge subject worthy of its own post, but fundamentally WN8 is designed to rate player performances and do so without OP/UP tanks messing up the results. To be able to do this, WN8 considers the ‘expected values’ of a tank, compares them to each players’, and then provides a rating. On now, expected values still being tweaked, but importantly, are calibrated to tank performance based on console players not on PC players. At the end of the day, all this really means is that playing OP tanks like the Tiger 131 or Rover 237 won’t be such an easy way to get high WN8, and vice versa for UP tanks. This is how WN8 was designed to work.

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Along with the WN8 expected values switch I added a ‘WN8 by tier’ breakdown, so you can easily see where you (or others) are doing best WN8 wise.

On player profile pages, the ‘Tanks’ section now has a little cog button you can press – this allows you to turn on or off particular columns, depending on what stats you want to see in the table. Your preferences are saved in your browser for future visits.

In mentioned Tanks table you can click a tank and view some more details, now including a ‘vs tracked players’ graph that allows you to see where you fit in against the other players tracked by wotstars. This is particularly helpful in seeing if a particular tank really is cursed, or you deserve that 45% win rate…

Further down this popup, the ‘standings’ for the tank are displayed (top 15 in last 90 days, by default). Under this is now a link that takes you to another new addition to the site, the ‘Tanks’ page. And once there, opens up the full standings for the tank in question.

The ‘Tanks’ page now exists, and shows the ‘expected values’ for WN8 as discussed above. Also a bunch of details on how and why these are calculated the way they are.

Clicking on a particular tank on this page opens a view – the one mentioned previously – that shows the full standings for the tank (top players in that tank, similar to the Top Players and Top Clans pages). More than that though, it also shows a couple of graphs. The ‘tracked players’ distribution again, and also a ‘Tank Performance’ graph.

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The Tank Performance graph shows how the tank performs for players versus their other same-tier tanks. For example, someone plays the Maus at 58% win rate. All their other tier X tanks average 55% win rate. For this particular player, we can consider the Maus quite strong. The graph shows this data, but averaged an based on as many other players as possible. The result helps hint at how the tank performs in general versus other tanks of the same tier – is it OP (winning more), UP (winning less), or some mix (some tanks win more – relatively – for low skill players, other tanks it’s the opposite).

Utilising some basic algorithms and linear regression this graph component also has a guess as to whether the tank is generally OP/UP and how skill dependent it is – these guesses are represented in text under the graph.

eg. “ • This tank is very strong and generally performs far better than average. * This tank is quite skill dependent, and generally performs better for better players.“

These Tank Performance graphs will become better (more statistically significant) over time as more and more players are tracked by wotstars.

Today the clan profile pages have had a little update too. They’re hopefully no longer quite so useless. There’s a ‘Top Clans Member Stats’ section, which displays the clan’s stats based on the same criteria as the ‘Top Clans’ page ranks clans. So for example, it ignores all stats from tanks under tier VI. I’ve also added a ‘Damage Records’ section, so you can see member’s epic battle results (NB. This is limited to each members very highest damage game, it’s not per tank unfortunately – WG doesn’t provide that data). Finally, I’ve added a simple bubble chart that displays players based on their battle count (bubble size), wn8 (bubble colour), average damage ratio (X) and average tier (Y). Selecting the ‘all time’ / ’30 day’ / ’90 day’ data (below the graph) will change the graph accordingly. This is very much a work in progress, and in future I hope to make it so that you can change the stats for the X and Y axis.

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There’s almost certainly other minor additions I’ve forgotten that have been added too. Big thanks to everyone who has contacted me either on reddit or the forums or wherever else with suggestions & bug reports. I always take on feedback, and it genuinely helps shape the development of the site.


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