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XP Requirement Comparison for Old Crew System vs. New Commander System

I want to start by thanking u/Mr2Much for his original comment breaking down the cost per skill for commanders here which I have blatantly copy-pasted into the body of this post:

  • 1-to-2 = 39,000 XP
  • 2-to-3 = 68,000 XP
  • 3-to-4 = 112,000 XP
  • 4-to-5 = 170,000 XP
  • 5-to-6 = 255,000 XP
  • 6-to-7 = 390,000 XP
  • 7-to-8 = 650,000 XP
  • 8-to-9 = 1,500.000 XP

For reference, old perks cost 100,800 each for 1-4, 201.6k for 5-8 and 403.2k for 9-12, etc. (1-4 might have been 101.8, but who cares? I'm close enough for this.) That means we can finally compare the difference. So now v. then:

  1. 0 – 100.8k
  2. 39k – 201.6k
  3. 107k – 302.4k
  4. 219k – 403.2k
  5. 388k – 605k
  6. 643k – 806.8k
  7. 1.033m – 1.008m
  8. 1.683m – 1.210m
  9. 3.183m – 1.613m

So, the crossover point is 7 skills as they cost only about 25k XP different in total, 8 is effectively what 9 was (about 70k different), and 9 is about 360k more expensive than an old 12 perk crew. However, if you include the old 25k XP moving cost from over training or paying the silver and then working with a 75% crew, 7 is still probably cheaper now if you're grinding a line, you'd have likely moved at least 3 times through the tech tree before you had 9 perks in the old system, so we can say 8 new=9 old pretty reliably.

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However, if you're like me, you probably started real crews around tier 6 (it arguably wasn't worth it before 6 as you could barely get a crew to 100% before finishing a tank so I regularly recruited and dismissed free crews at lower tiers), so I would only count 100k off the price of moving tanks. In that regard, the final price of a current 9 skill commander is about 260k more expensive than an old 12 perk crew.

Honestly, I think that seems fair from an XP standpoint. I had quite a few 11-14 perk crews in the old system, and I think in most cases, especially given the way I set up crews, they feel like they play about the same, if not a little better with the addition of Rapid Loading and Steady Aim or whatever it is. Honestly, how powerful are those two perks? Ridiculous. I think I would still prefer the old system, if only for the variety and not feeling constrained by a cap and a high cost near the end for needing a single perk change. Let's hope that can be addressed in the future. It is honestly keeping me playing most of my 9 skill crews at 7-8 skills so if I think I need something badly I can add it rather than pay 90 gold to change one thing.

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So looking at this XP total, I have to wonder how on earth I ended up with 45 commanders with 9 skills each. I certainly didn't have that much XP in my crews. I think I had maybe 10 in the 9-11 range, 5 in the 12-15 range, one 17 and a 19 or so. I did, however, have quite a few crews in the 6-8 range. What I think happened is they took all the crew XP we had stored up in the excess skills over 9, gave it as credit, applied that credit to the crews that had fewer than 9 skills starting with the ones that had 8, then 7, then 6, etc ( I remember them mentioning on stream that they were going to redistribute the XP to your most played commanders that didn't have 9 skills), and only then, after giving you as many 9 perk crews as they could, converted all the crews to commanders. This would mean that lower skilled crews were translated into commanders at a lower conversion rate (a 3 skill crew costing more than a 3 skill commander), but if you had 100 crews like I did, it seems to have come out in the wash somewhere.


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