World of Tanks (WoT)

Ya know what really grinds my gears?

Ok so this is a rant thread and I could very well be the person who is wrong. Only three points.

  1. Watched an M44 go 5 direct hits out of 18 shots fired total. As you all know, the M44 has an accuracy of .80 which is even better than the stock accuracy of .82 (incredible). I know that this isn't how one's gun accuracy works, but still. When I'm undershooting and overshooting with a .36 canon and I see this M44 get two direct hits in a row? Fuck, I hate arty and how WG treat them. This is bullshit. Maybe once 360 is gone we can get arty splash values that make sense: a wider splash area that does diminishing damage from epicenter, WHILE ALSO NOT leading to an automatic tracking. That is utter bullshit too. When I'm low tier I pound at tracks all day and cannot get a single 'track,' but an arty fart will track the nearest 3 tanks. Wargaming, what the fuck?
  2. It seems that when you have a solid XP earn achieved (Valor X2 XP for all battles) that you make less XP overall. I would rather they didn't include that bullshit X2 XP if all they are doing is lying to me. Show me an XP break down you utter sods. Educate me you cowards!
  3. Does it seem to anyone else that HE just doesn't matter anymore? Too many times I have seen HE do nothing at all. Very afraid to pull out my KV-2. Is this more ghost shell nonsense?

Well, rant over. Anyone who read this far, thanks. I have enjoyed the free tanks given out/earned so far. Props to wargaming on that front! You have given the community some really good tanks. I do appreciate that.

It also seems that match making is slowly improving. I'm willing to have some patience on that one. What's weird is that the map tactics seem to have completely shifted, but that is probably the result of their map re-balancing. I'm utterly confused with that.

Anyway, Cheers


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