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πŸ’€$1,000 Hardcore DUO Leveling Tournament on 9/26 (1 Life, Death = Delete)

Content of the article: "πŸ’€$1,000 Hardcore DUO Leveling Tournament on 9/26 (1 Life, Death = Delete)"

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Greetings Reddit!

Hardcore Community Cup #4 which will take place on Saturday, September 26th, 2020 at 1pm EST. HCC4 will be an 8 Hour Duo Leveling Tournament with the goal being to accumulate as much combined experience as possible with your partner within an 8 hour play window. This tournament is free to join and open to all!

Total Prize Pool: $1,000 USD

1st Place Team: $400

2nd Place Team: $200

3rd Place Team: $100

4th Place Team: $100

Best Team Death Clip: $100

Best Team Highlight Clip: $100

Rule Set:

-Players have 1 Life, Death = Delete

-If Either Member of a DUO Dies, the other must fall on the sword as well

-Loot is Solo Self Found Only (No AH, No Mailbox)

-Trading of Solo Self Found Items between DUO Partners is Authorized

-All Class Combinations are Authorized

-Teams Must Start in Same Starting Zone

-Teammates Must Stay in the Same Zone at All Times (Unless Druid > Moonglade)

-All Dungeons are Authorized

-All Professions are Authorized

-All World Buffs are Authorized

-Trading of Solo Self Found Items is Authorized

-If Either Member of a DUO Team Dies, the Run is Over

-Only 1 Member of the DUO needs to Stream

At the end of the 8 Hour Play Window the total accumulated XP from both players is added to become a final score.

HCC4 will utilize the same servers as before for each region:

NA = Bloodsail Buccaneers

EU = Hydraxian Waterlords

OCE = Remulos

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Where can I watch Tournament Coverage?

The Tournament will be fully shoutcasted on

Event Coverage will run from 12pm – 10pm EST.

The Leveling Play Period will run from 1pm – 9pm EST.

Awards Ceremony will run from 9pm – 10pm EST.

Here's are examples of our past Tournaments:




What is the Hardcore Challenge?

Learn more at our Official Community Website:

Join the Classic Hardcore Discord:


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