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10 Places to See in Classic Wow before TBC

The original WoW was not as “streamlined” as later expansions, meaning there are a ton of out-of-the way, abandoned, or unfinished areas you can still access. I played in Vanilla and never found many of these. With Classic, I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling on some of these for the first time and having the original sense of wonderment come flooding back. Here’s a few you may not have seen. These are all fairly easily accessible, as I didn’t want to include places only reachable by wall-jumping or fear-abusing exploits (sorry Old Ironforge, Hyjal, Ironforge Airport, etc).

  1. Shatterspear Village. A whole community of trolls sits between Darkshore, Moonglade, and Felwood, accessible from Winterspring. It has named NPCs, several huts, a cave, and a few larger dwellings, all encircling a beautiful lake with a boat floating in the middle, though I didn't bring a pole to check fishing. The mobs are neutral to Alliance and Horde-friendly. They give exp and drop loot (I got a Libram of Constitution off one). Probably the hardest to reach on this list, and it’s not really hard (plenty of Youtube walkthroughs; you’ll need a way to slowfall).
  2. Ravenholdt Manor. I love class-specific areas. Fray Island for warriors. The basement of the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind for warlocks. Rogues get a whole base hidden in the mountains north of Durnholde Keep, with their own class faction. While the whole faction thing could have been more fleshed out, it’s still a neat area that few outside of rogues will have seen.
  3. Quel'Thalas. Why wait til June? Quel'Thalas is in the game now! Some dev started on the zone. There is a large elven tower, some ruins, a pier . . . and not much else. You can reach this by heading to the northern beach of Tirisfal and swimming east along the coastline. If you keep swimming past Quel'Thalas, you'll eventually realize the northeast peninsula on the map is fake, and the real coastline hugs the Eastern Plaguelands. You can swim all the way around (I do not advise this – lots of repetitive coves), go past the Hinterlands, and eventually make your way to the next spot.
  4. Dwarf Farm on Eastern Shores of Arathi Highlands. Want to get away from it all? There is an idyllic farm looking out to the ocean east of Arathi. A couple dwarfs live here, including one who will answer questions and clearly thinks he’s still in Dun Morogh. A few cats, rats, and rams also inhabit the area. If you ever thought WoW needed a few zones untouched by conflict, this is the place for you. Jump off the Thandol Span and swim east, then north, hugging the coast so as not to fatigue.
  5. Grim Batol. A dwarven fortress, abandoned after it was cursed. Now home to red dragons who were enslaved by orcs. This area, like Timbermaw Hold in Aszhara or the Greymane Wall, cries out for further development as a raid or dungeon zone. As is, it is merely a scenic detour in the Wetlands. I advise heading towards the dam after you explore this area and enjoy the view from the waterfalls overlooking the swamps below.
  6. Alcaz Island. Anyone who has assisted with the Scarab Lord quest chain is familiar with this place. For those have not, check out the island north of Theramore ruled by Dr. Weavil. In particular, there are cellars below his shacks that at one point house prisoner King Wrynn after he was abducted by the Defias Brotherhood.
  7. South Sea Islands. Another place likely unseen except by Scarab Lords themselves. These islands south of Tanaris are not even on the map. They are so well hidden you will go into fatigue trying to reach them. Bring a swim speed potion and pop it when you hit fatigue to cross the gap. You’ll find an oil rig, a few huts, and a few mobs that can aggro.
  8. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Duskwood is an awesome zone chock full of undead. Yet one area I missed on my first few times through was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is east of Darkshire, though no quest will point you that way. Apparently there is a rare spawn in the area sometimes. There is a waterfall you can jump down that will land you near where Duskwood, Elwynn Forest, and Redridge Mountains meet.
  9. Plaguemist Ravine. You can ride straight from the Hinterlands to Caer Darrow in WPL via Plaguemist Ravine. The entrance in the Hinterlands (northwest of Quel’Danil Lodge) is a bit hidden. And it is almost always more convenient to simply fly to Chillwind Camp. But if wingsuits were a thing in Azeroth, all sky-diving enthusiasts would be strapping on a GoPro and heading through Plaguemist Ravine.
  10. Karazhan. I know, I know – we’re about to spend 18 months in Kara. Why go now? Well, the Karazhan in Classic is not the Karazhan you see in TBC. The whole area receives a heavy overhaul on its way to becoming one of the most-loved raids in WoW. But you can visit now and see the Tower, the destroyed village, explore the caverns below, and even find a way to the “upside-down Karazhan” and see the smiley face the devs left for you.
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