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130g+ Elemental Water Farm With A Twist

Content of the article: "130g+ Elemental Water Farm With A Twist"

This guide talks about a great gold farm for elemental waters with a twist. I also at the end of video shared an embarrassing story about when I was young and dumb on my 21st birthday.

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The two main places to farm elemental water is in Arthi Highlands and off coast of Stranglethorn vale on an island. Both areas can become very packed during peak hours so it is highly recommended to get here either early in morning or late at night. Obviously if you are a very high pop server then all outdoor gold farms are very difficult to pull off so this might not be for u.

After testing this gold farm for several hours and making over 100g. I found myself wondering how I could make even more gold. It takes less than 1 minute to kill all 14 respawn then you just stand there and wait 4 minutes for them to come back.

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This is where I thought of a great twist to add extra gold per hour though requires a lvl 60 alt with herb. What I did was park my alt outside SM graveyard where I could easily run through get 1 chest if it is not locked and grave moss inside the dungeon. The dungeon has 3 herb locations that can be grave moss or kingsblood. I found after doing 5 full resets I was able to make an additional 25g+. This only took me less than 3 minutes to get in and out and back on my main.

I found this to be a perfect extra source of income to add while waiting for the mobs to respawn and both are super easy to pull off with little effort. The hardest part is getting on early and not having your server be overran by bots. I found the bots I ran into are slow and I was easily able to mob tag them before they had a chance to react though was just annoying to see them.

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Alternatively there is enough time with an epic mount to also run down to where you can get earth elementals just south of the water elemental spot. This is also a great choice though I have found many people farm that area when at least on my server very little bothered with the water elemental spot which is why I added in the SM library farm.

Love to hear your constructive criticism on how to make this farm even better and what experience you have had on your server.

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