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14 years for this?

Content of the article: "14 years for this?"

Hey friends. Longtime player and lurker here.

TL;DR – Falsely perma suspended due to the "Warden"?

Where do I even start?

Monday, August 31st.
Me and the friends are figuring out how to setup some alts efficiently in time for naxx.
Turns out you need a vast majority of leather if you plan to have so many characters that we simulate the Warlords of Draenors garrison experience.
We utilize Hyperspawning for this. You kill mobs in a small area (ideally within casting range) and before you even get to the final mob. A new one pops up. Is it intended? as far as I know. Is it good? That would be a different topic.
We figured to save some gold, we can at least have some alts that picks up skinning while they get boosted to 35.
Started with boars in elwynn forest. Got to Barrens before we called it a night.

As I wake up the next day. I'm greeted with the most dreadful message known to us addicts.

Having only 2 eyebrows raised, was not enough for this.

I check the email to only be greeted with this:
Account Action: Account Closure
Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)

This might sound really silly to some of you. But shouldn't at least I be aware of it, if I ultimately used the tool of a 3rd party software to do the work for me?

Have I done questionable things? Absolutely. I'm pretty sure most people have.
Have I ever utilized a 3rd party program to do things for me in the "automatic" kind? Never in world of warcraft.

  • · I was there during the leveling spree. Declining the rogues, because it didn't fit the spellcleave meta off spamming demo shout.
  • I was there, when I tried to understand why my warlock friend was in a different "layer" in maraudon.
  • I was there, experiencing the uber fast ques for the alliance. Leading to the frustrating experience of horde pugs vs ally premades in AV.
  • And I was finally there, organizing the beginning of the "poolparty" meta.
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If It's to any reconciliations. "Gen 1" of poolparty was vastly different to how things are potentially going today.
I'm a bit torn on the matter where you can effectively get a toon to 15hks and simply delete it and just redo it.
Personally I'm happy, because I would've most likely dove extremely deep into it. It was already difficult trying to explain and trust people to run a character to kharnos and show up during given hours.
But if that was the case. I wouldn't have met so many amazing people, doing their best in an attempt to bring servers together. It was really needed, due to AV shutting down. So you didn't really get to hang out with those people again.

Was it tedious running 9 characters? Making sure you have gotten to the HK mark before logging out?
Of course. But that's the point. The alternative was simply way more time consuming. We were scared if this was potentially against the ToS or not. So when Blizzard finally decided to make accounts ½ price. Surely it's difficult not to chuckle in that situation.
I had to finally resort to Isboxers function where you can save a lot of time from following + logging out. That's it. It was all I needed to save a vast amount of time. And I'm pretty sure some readers will laugh about this part, when they would still beat me time wise without resorting to it.

Who knew that if you don't properly know how a program works. You can waste a lot of time just trying to set up something as easy as follow + logout.
Learn from my mistakes. It doesn't hurt spending some time checking a guide. I wish I had.

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With that said.
Whereas my pvp journey ended in the beginning of april. I would still like to apologize for my contribution to devaluing "todays" rank 14.

So… given the above circumstances. Shouldn't the ticket then be flagged for an in-game activity rather than 3rd party program?

I don't know. The more I try to make sense of this, the harder it becomes. Maybe not to some. I completely understand everyone that wants to question this. "Just don't bot" "Don't use cheats". I fully agree.
Can you understand what a weird experience it is, when that is exactly what has happened?

And so the questions pile up. And you try to seek for answers that the internet (reddit) might be able to provide.

I can't speak for everyone. But it does seem I'm at least not alone. There are multiple recent cases where essentially the "warden" automatically cross reference something (I presume) to something that recently took place.

So with that being said. I felt good about it.
"So if a gm just takes a look at this personally, everything will work out".

Yes. If life only was that simple in 2020.

And so, the struggling began.
Ticket #1

Don't know why I bother blanking. I think you can find me if you search for me.

That concluded the "poolparty" theory. I followed up with the absolutely most recent thing I did the day before.
Was it skinning and looting?

Ticket #2

That was a bit scary. Why are these images essentially reverse searchable almost?
I don't really blame them tho. Maybe it's due to they are not alone with having a vast amount of CS these days.

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People advice to keep at it. I did not really know what else to put up in #3 except if they could please forward it to a specialist. As there surely is a grave misunderstanding.


And that was the most recent event as of Sep 05 – 19:27.

Hopefully the person just does a quick cross reference check to see that everything checks out (ingame + processors that were running). I won't lie that I feel some discontent that my journey might not end here. as I've seen some past reddit posts.

I'll keep you guys updated.
big thanks to those that spent the time to read my story.

Thank you friends, hopefully this helps in a way.


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