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15 Items To Save For TBC

This guide talks about 15 items I think you should save or buy when you find them at a fair price in prep for TBC Classic. Obviously we still don't know at this time if characters transfer into TBC with all the items but why not stay ready. – vid format

The 15 items I speak about are focused mainly around potions that I think will still be relevant from Classic into TBC therefore those materials to make them will go up as the supply dry's up. Some of the items are still needed now though come mid phase 6 if people don't raid much and just selling off everything to have 5k gold for epic flying. They might not remember how important some of the materials are for TBC as well and that is when I would be looking to buy the items at a good price.

None of the investments I ever speak about I want you to pay max value you. You should enter them all into a TSM group so you can scan them one to two times a day and only buy when below market value. This means you might only get a couple of some times each day but over the next 6 months of stocking up you will have a nice nest egg.

  1. Greater Nether Essence- (need a ton to level enchanting)
  2. Iron Ore- (will spike higher than thorium ore prices)
  3. Mithril Ore- (spike high for prospecting)
  4. Righteous Orb- (crusader enchant on lvl 70 gear until mongoose enchant)
  5. Large Brilliant Shard- ( Brilliant Wizard Oil Still Good in TBC)
  6. Firebloom – ( Brilliant Wizard Oil Still Good in TBC)
  7. Blackmouth Oil -( Free action potion )
  8. Stranglekelp – ( Free action potion )
  9. Elemental Earth – (Restoration Potion & Elemental Sharpening Stone)
  10. Dense Stone – (Elemental Sharpening Stone)
  11. Goldthorn- (Restoration Potion)
  12. Small Radiant Shard- (Demonslaying Enchant)
  13. Dream Dust- (Demonslaying Enchant)
  14. Ghost Mushroom- ( Elixir of Demonslaying)
  15. Gromsblood- ( Elixir of Demonslaying)
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Let me know your thoughts and what other potions / investments you think would be good to add to this list. – vid format


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