World of Warcraft (WoW)

2 weeks TauriWoW review yelping them 10 out of 5 stars lol

I was looking for a private server to play on after a long break from WoW and decided to gave TauriWoW a try since I never play MoP expansion.

Population is pretty big during peak time and easy to find people to play with depending on your timezone.

Leveling was very ez and fast on Evermoon realm. Took me about 4 days to max level with my limited time play. So if you have a lot of free time to play can take probably 2 days to max level.

Scripting all works as far as I've been playing for 2 weeks. I have not encountered any bugs with quests and dungeons.

You can gear up easily just by doing dungeon finders and scenarios.

It is a bit difficult to find people for raid finders depending on your timezone. The server is mostly filled with hungarian and europe people. So in my case because I work during the day and can only play at night, finding people to que with was almost impossible. But when I played during the day on the weekend que was quick.

People also generally want ilvl around 550 for normal soo and sometimes depend on which group, you might be able to join if you have around ilvl 530.

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Flex 1-4 all works just fine and during peak time its very fast to find group.

World bosses all works just fine.

Crossrealm for AH and BG.

I bought an almost endgame character just so that I can try out soo for the first time. People I was raiding with was cool and I told them that its my first time raiding soo. They gave me instructions and teaching me what to do. That was very nice of them. Finding a normal soo was easy but hc was a bit hard since most people that pug it looking for the ones that have experience. I tried joining hc but they turned me down cus I have no experience. I need to look for hc progression guild so that I can learn.

I am more into pvp and bg ques times during peak were mostly instant and about 5-10 mins during low population. I have no problem queing for bg everyday, there are always people playing because it is crossrealm. I have not tried arena yet but there people looking to partner up for 2's.

Community is excellent. There are many people willing to help in global chat and discord is very active. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in discord for fast responds. There are people living there for 24/7 that are willing to help you lol.

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All in all I'm giving TauriWoW 10 stars out of 5. I yelp 10 stars out of 5. I google review 10 stars out of 5 lol. I will give all the stars I have. Ask me any questions you have about the server I may be able to have an answer for you but then its only been 2 weeks since I started playing so I might not know everything.

PS. I urged you to give this server a try if you would like to play MoP expansion.

PSPS. I'm looking for an hc progression guild if anyone want to take noob like me 🙂 I have 579 fire mage evermoon horde.


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