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33 years old playing WoW for the first time: my thoughts

Content of the article: "33 years old playing WoW for the first time: my thoughts"

I was kind of sucked into WoW classic due to covid lockdown & my friends all wanted to play it again. I am aware this is a 15 year old game, so my thoughts may just be deja vu of what people said 15 years ago but here goes:

My buddies are all 33+, they played a lot in high school, sounds like they quit after TBC and are very keen to the concept of 'wow becoming shit after wrath of the lich king" so they wanted to play classic.

They are fairly casual, play usually 3 nights per week and generally 2-3 hour sessions. There is 4 of us, so we generally had to find a 5th for dungeons. I went heal druid, friends went hunter, warrior (tank), mage.

Thought 1: It took fucking forever to get max level. At our playtime, it took us about 6 months to hit max level. We only ever really played together, so as to not leave others behind. If we see any horde, it is kill on sight (unless they were 60, we would leave them alone). Once we hit about level 50, level 60 horde was kill on sight also. (I understand this probably slowed our leveling a lot, as we didn't always win, and we would get camped a lot) This isn't a negative, I actually really enjoyed the leveling process with my buds, without a doubt the best part of the game.

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Which brings me to Thought 2: Camping is lame. Rogue & Druid can spawn and immediately stealth, which make camping them a chore, where as they can camp you back extremely easily. We never camped people out of principle but since our server is low population, we would be relentlessly camped.

Thought 3: Mages are broken at farming. How did they feel that a mage blizzarding a pack of 30 enemies was totally fine, while every other class has to slowly beat on one enemy at a time? This is a massive oversight.

Thought 4: Getting benched from raids just because I'm a Druid is lame. The game itself isn't extremely skill-dependant and the players here aren't LCS candidates. If I am consistently parsing 4th or 5th in the raid despite having the worst gear, maybe you should consider benching the healers who are lower than me?

Thought 5: Raid lockout is lame. Why am I paying monthly, in which my only form of progression is being gated to once per week? I am basically paying $4 USD per raid.

Thought 6: Overall I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would, I never played it in high school, never played retail. My experience of MMOs up to this point was just ffxi and bdo. Obviously the game is simple, but has an appeal to it.

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That's all. I have just unsubbed today, I figured I had a weird experience of 1st timing this game as an adult and just wanted to share.


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