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4 Accounts falsely banned for boosting, Blizzard support is no help

Hello people of Reddit,

A few weeks ago, my friends and I got a total of 4 accounts banned from classic wow for “Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)”. Like many others on this subreddit recently, we quickly realized that this must have been a mistake in their system and didn’t think too much about it assuming that after a quick appeal everything will be fine. Unfortunately this was not the case, and instead after each of us sending multiple appeals we are stuck with them claiming that we did in fact hack… Because of all the posts recently with people having the same situation I decided to try my luck and make a post as well. Anyways here's the whole story on my end.

January 11th, this was the day of the “incident”. I was playing on my alt, friend 1 was playing on two alts at the same time, and friend 2 was playing his main. All we did this day was boost at SM for many hours. Friend 2 had the mage on his main and he was doing most of the “playing” I guess you can say by boosting our 3 accounts. I can’t confirm if this is true for all of us, but I know at least on my account I had well over 30-40 instances within 2 days at that point (I probably had a few more since I bought some boosts from others) so we were definitely there quite a lot. Now another small detail here is that, sometime after probably like 20 instances, friend 1 also brought a THIRD alt account to be boosted as well. I’ll explain the relevance later on. Anyways, this is where the story ends, we literally just got boosted at SM that day.

The next day I woke up, got on discord and my friends were saying how they got banned. I checked my email at this point too and eventually realized that I also got my alt banned. Of course we were confused, thought “oh this was just a mistake probably cuz we did a lot of boosting” and went off to appeal it assuming it would be unbanned soon. Our first set of appeals were sent that day (Jan 12) and we got a reply the day after. Friend 2 ( the main mage) was the only account that got its ban reduced to 180 days while the rest were perma banned. All of us were told that the evidence was correct and that we did hack lol.

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From here I’ll just be talking about my own experience since I don't really know what type of tickets my friends have been sending and receiving.

Since the ban I have personally submitted 6 appeal tickets, out of these 6 tickets, only 1 is a non-automated / copy pasted generic reply. All of these tickets claim that they reviewed my account and confirm suspicious activity which I highly doubt is the case.

First of all let's talk about how we got banned in the first place. I know for 100% that we did not get banned automatically by having some type of software detected by Blizzards anti-cheat. For one, the obvious fact is that we did not use any other software (a part from common stuff like discord, chrome and stuff) in the background of the game. Second of all, my main account isn’t banned, which I have played on at the same time on the same computer as the banned account. Similarly, remember when I said friend 1 brought in a third account at one point? That account also has not been banned. Only these 4 specific accounts that were getting boosted at some time have been banned which means we must have been a target of false reporting. After reviewing some of these threads on reddit, it seems that some of you guys have had a similar situation. The only thing I can think of is if a normal SM booster thought we were competition and reported us because of it. We’re all aware that after a player gets reported a certain amount of times the system automatically bans the player which is dumb in itself but anyways, this is what we suspect that happened.

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At this point despite not having cheated, we’re all left quite hopeless with Blizzard’s support. All of my tickets now get the same automated “our findings confirm the evidence is correct and the ban is upheld” type of response. Hopefully we can get enough attention on here to make some Blizzard GM actually look into it. I can’t imagine looking through the logs would be difficult at all. I imagine you can quite literally look at the mages actions for example and see that it is not automated. It's not like he was doing the same robotic movements, sometimes he would mess up the run, sometimes we took a small break, sometimes we even typed in chat, all of this should be very obvious that there was no bot or hack involved.

In case there is a GM that will view this thread, here is one ticket number from each account involved. I really hope we can get some help here. Friend 2 has played that account since we started playing with a clean record, losing his account and all of his progress is unfair.

My account: US77724490

Friend 1’s two accounts: US77704840


Friend 2’s main: US77709431

Heres a couple of images of emails, tickets and stuff I have sent or received.

Starts off by receiving this email:

At first I didn’t actually see that email and instead assumed my account was hacked so I initially sent this ticket and got this response:

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Quickly realizing that I did in fact receive an email about being banned, I then appealed based off the hacking/cheating thing:

Anyways, out of my 6 tickets specifically for an appeal, I believe this might be the only human response (if even that):

Unfortunately at this point these are essentially the only type of responses I get now:

If anybody wants to see any more information that i can provide please let me know in the comments, I hope to be as transparent as possible here.


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