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5,200 Gold Invested To Open Chest Of Spoils

Content of the article: "5,200 Gold Invested To Open Chest Of Spoils"

So after many asked about doing opening guide on the chest of spoils, I finally saved up enough gold to test it out. – Vid guide here

This turn in quest is also done in Silithus and requires revered rep. to get the questline. The first turn in is only 1 scepter and the following are 3 scepter each chest of spoil.

On my server the scepters sell for 100-120g each costing each chest roughly 300-360g each open x 17 chest I had.

In total I invested a little over 5,200 gold and another 4k in twilight texts to get my rep from friendly to revered as I didn't realize at first it required revered.. ( I know…..)

So the question is, is it worth it!? – Vid guide here

Lets break down the full loot I got and you can input the sell price of the items on your server and add it up to see if it's worth it on your server.

Blue BOE: Stonegrip Gaunlets – 10g

Earthborn Kilt – 5g

Feathermoon Headdress x2 – 12g each (24g total)

Sword of Zeal – 40g

Crystal Slugthrower – 122g

70 Major Healing – 70s each (49g)

33 Essence of Air – 18g each (594g)

29 Essence of Water- 9g each (261g)

33 Essence of Fire – 40s each (12.8g)

35 Greater Arcane Pots- 2.5g each (87.5)

45 Major Mana Potion- 5g each (225g)

60 Greater Arcane Elixir- 7g each (420g)

60 Greater Fire Pots- 4g each (240g)

60 Greater Shadow Pots- 10g each (600g)

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60 Greater Nature Pots- 6g each (360g)

32 Essence of Earth – 2.5g each (80g)

77 Dense Sharpening Stones- 30s each (23g)

45 Greater Frost Pots- 3.5g each (157.5g)

1,300 raw gold

Spent 5,200

loot 4,610 – 100g auction cost

Total loss 684g

So depending on your luck I would say it is NOT worth it.

For this to be profitable, your server prices would need to be much higher, better opening luck and or getting scepters at like 50-70g would be the only way.

Hope this could be helpful for anyone and save you from trying it yourself πŸ™‚


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