World of Warcraft (WoW)

8.3 is the most unenjoyable period that has ever existed (rant, please read before downvoting).

I know this will get downvoted but I have no one to vent to. I've been playing WoW since release, all my friends moved on years ago so they don't really care what I have to say, so let me first say that I apologize. Let's start with Corruptions in general.

  • So you want to raid? Did your Infinite Stars and/or Twilight Devastation procs effectively and on the correct targets? No? Then your damage is subpar. This is not rewarding gameplay.
  • So you want to PvP? Oh, did Twilight Devastation just one shot you? Well, next match, hope it doesn't happen, again (it more than likely will). Oh there's a Mastery stacked Demon Hunter (not 8.3 related completely), welp he's essentially a walking god, good luck. This is not rewarding gameplay.
  • So this system seems fun to you, oh you anarchist you. Well, enjoy your time gate of three months to hit the Corruption resistance cap in order to fully benefit from this system. Time gating the only way to improve your Corruption resistance by THREE MONTHS? This is not rewarding gameplay.

Then we have other issues that existed pre-8.3 but still add to the overwhelmingly just, not fun state the game is currently in.

  • GCD changes make some classes feel completely unplayable (looking at you specifically Death Knights). I have accepted the GCD changes will not be reverted, but they need to take a better look at some of the classes that suffered greatly from it and how un-enjoyable they are to play now.
  • The story thus far has been underwhelming at best. It just feels like the writers and developers aren't on the same page anymore. Why was Azshara AND the Black Empire both shoved into their own single patch? These are extremely important lore wise, now they were shown and done within almost a year. What was the point of essentially committing genocide against the Night Elfs if you're just going to abandon this plot thread?
  • The Azurite trait system in general is completely awful. I shouldn't be looting something that is 20 item levels higher than my current piece only for it to be considered a downgrade because it didn't roll the correct Azurite traits.
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Of course there are many many more issues that I could point out to gripe about but I'm trying to keep this short. Sure, there is good, the art team again knocks it out the park consistently, Boralus is easily the best capital city ever created, but the positives that exist are completely lost in the shadow of the big glaring issues with BfA.

Again, I apologize, I'm just OVERLY frustrated with this game. I WANT to like WoW and I hate that I currently don't.


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