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9.1 – Chains of Damnation – Nathrezim & Denathrius

In a recent data mine from wowhead an excerpt from the database has been found – spoilers below.

It establishes the theory that has started from an item found in Revendreth called "Enemy Infiltration – Preface"; if you are unfamiliar with it the item is a book which contains a passage from an unknown writer. In it, events are described in which a race (presumed to be the Nathrezim) have infiltrated the various powers in the universe – the light, the legion, the void, the titans, etc. Based on the text from the book, a similar appearance, people began to speculate that the Nathrezim were actually in connection with Denathrius, that they were his creation or an agent of his.

In a recent data mined file this is confirmed – Mal'ganis returns, serving as a distraction, while the Nathrezim have taken Remoria and thus Denathrius.

So the obvious conclusion that we take from this is that Denathrius, having served the Jailer, has been using his agents to infiltrate various forces and break them, poison them, and eventually lead all of them to death. But what if Denathrius hasn't been serving the Jailer? What if his ploy is much longer, and has only made the Jailer a pawn in his own schemes which we have yet to see?

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My first reason for this speculation is this particular cut scene we see in 9.0 –

In this particular scene the Jailer is speaking with the Rune Carver (now confirmed to be the Primus). The Jailer is taunting him, about extracting secrets, but that there was one final design that was needed, a secret "The First Ones sought to hide". What was this secret? Frostmourne, and the Helm of Domination.

We know now that the Jailer wanted this information so that he could control Anduin. He has used this information to change Shalamayne into a new corrupted variant, and instead of simply a helmet, he has crafted an entire suite of armor to control the Prince.

But what do we know about Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination? Obviously it came from the Shadowlands, but more importantly it came from the Shadowlands by the Nathrezim. Had Denathrius been working for the Jailer, this information wouldn't need to be extracted from the Primus, the knowledge would have had already been there. More so, if the Primus is supposed to be a good guy, why would he built these artifacts to begin with?

As a plan to disrupt the Burning Legion, and subsequently the void. It's no surprise that these two artifacts would show up on Azeroth, a planet that holds the soul of what is presumed to be one of the strongest Titans. A world which has faced countless difficulties in the sake of its destruction.

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The Scourage was the ultimate tool designed to protect Azeroth from both forces, at least until the Titan soul could be born. A soul that could possibly push back the Burning Legion permanently, and possibly the Void as well. This is invaluable for an ecosystem such as the Shadow Lands that relies so heavily on the living, because in the case of both the Burning Legion and The Void, they wish to extinguish life completely.

Who else shares that same end goal, as far as we can tell? The Jailer, who seeks to "break the chain" and disrupt the system we know.

I'm of firm belief that Denathrius will return as a sort of anti-hero, someone who knows the secrets of the Jailer, who knows his plans, and has been working to disrupt him, not help him.


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