World of Warcraft (WoW)

A long and fun adventure

Good morning reddit I couldn't help but make a post this morning after my brother and I finally reached 60 last night late. I don't normally post so bare with me I've been playing wow since end TBC really got into it in Wrath but I was really young I'm 23 now so u can imagine my age at the times of those releases. I stopped around early mist just not finding the same enjoyment out of the game I did before. I started classic when it a week after it came out to avoid the starting zone madness which still was crazy I did log in release night just to see it epic gamer moment. I made my first 60 alliance priest and my second a shaman but my little brother remembered watching me play and had said something about wanting to play. Now to be honest my first thought was idk if your gonna make it little buddy game takes alot of time. He is more of a Smash Bros player and I can't keep up with games like that I smoke to much. Eventually he got a account and we picked a new server brand cause Fairbanks was locked at the time I made a warrior to tank and him priest to heal ofc. Long story short as I know this post is getting long it was the best 15 days 6 hours I've ever played in classic so far we didn't rush to 60 we spent nights bullshitting carrying low lvls in random discord calls. It was really a amazing time we don't even have the gold for epic mounts and neither one of us care enough to focus on getting 1000g it will happen naturally we say lol. Honestly I don't know if this post even made sense I was just in such a good mood from the whole thing I had to tell someone but once I realized I don't talk to no one other than my mom it lead me here since I got alot of positive comment last time I posted here. Oh and tonight is our first raid we hope to kill Rag together completing the classic dream thank you all for reading. Lok'Tar Ogar 😀


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